Trying My First Shared Lock

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Trying My First Shared Lock
« on: May 21, 2018, 05:20:18 PM »
Im a switch at heart, so I enjoy chastity from both sides of the lock. Over the weekend I tried the controlled side of ChastiKey. Thanks to @Miss Katie  for a wonderful weekend!

Now I'm going to attempt the controller side. I have created a simple lock that should be fun, and unless you're really unlucky, shouldn't last too long. ... I think. Lol See below for the lock.

It is an Hourly Chance with 1-6 Reds, 0-5 Yellow, 1 Double Up and 1 Reset. And only 1 green.  Emergency Release permitted, and I'll always let you out if you ask. Estimated time without double up or reset is up to (if you're really unlucky) 31 hours. Considerably longer if you hit the reset and double up.


edit: removed lock - no longer monitoring the lock.
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