The Cursed Wave

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The Cursed Wave
« on: October 31, 2021, 06:26:07 AM »
Riding the wake is Skeith, the Shadow of Death, to drown all that stands.
6 to 12 hours

Mirage of Deceit, Innis, Betray all with the flawed image, and did aid the Wave.
12 to 72 hours

And by the Power of Magus, a drop from the Wave doth reach the heavens, and creates a new Wave.
3 to 7 days

With the Wave, Fidchell, the power to tell the dark future, hope darkens, sadness and despair rule.
7 to 14 days

Gorre schemes when swallowed by the Cursed Wave.
14 to 21 days

Macha seduces with the sweet trap.
21 to 31 days

Wave reaches the Pinnacle, and escape none can. Tarvos still remains with more cruelty to punish and destroy.
31 to 45 days

And with the turbulent destruction after the Wave. Only a void remains. From deep within the void arrives Corbenik.
45 to 60 days

Perhaps then the Wave is just a beginning as well.
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