Sissy Insomnia with Bonus Rules

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Sissy Insomnia with Bonus Rules
« on: January 12, 2021, 03:33:25 AM »
Get your pink chastity devices out because this lock is meant for sissies. This is a variable lock with none of those nasty resets nor double up cards. You’re looking for a single green in a haystack of red, some yellow, and a few freeze cards. Checkins are every hour so you better keep an hourly alarm handy on your phone. Every late check in will be punished with an extra (sissy) freeze card.

Secondary rule for all you sissies with beautiful panty collections. Every freeze card, you must change your panties before your freeze card time is up. This means whether you are at work (bring an extra few pairs to change into in the bathroom stall) or at home, you must change your panties to feel like a fresh sissy.

Bonus rule for extra sissy points: Wear a tampon for the duration of this lock and change it out during every panty change (freeze).

Average: 3-4 days
Max: 8 days

(If you’re pulling cards every 15 min)