Shackled by the slave.

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Shackled by the slave.
« on: August 13, 2019, 06:49:39 AM »
This is another lock in the owned by the slave series.
Again this lock can be loaded without a direct message.

Once you have been in this lock for at least a day please contact me on discord if you wish to be added to my chat so that we can discuss if that is permitted.
( if you are already in owned by the slave you may transfer to this lock message me on discord to discuss this).

Please note if you message me on these forums it may take me longer to reply as I do not receive notifications as I do on discord.


"Kneel here," she said. I knelt where she indicated. She took the shackles from the rear ring and snapped them on my ankles. She came around in front of me, and crouched down. "Put your wrists here," she said. I put my wrists where she had indicated and she snapped them into the waiting manacles, those attached to the forward ring.

She had already removed the chain leash from my collar and, coiling it, slung it on her belt. I then knelt chained before her. I was again in my cell.
Again my ankles were shackled to a ring.
Again my wrists were manacled to the forward ring. Things were much as they had been before, before she had called the men to fetch me forth from the cell. There was, however, one important difference.

Before there had knelt on that spot a free man in chains.
There knelt there now only a chained slave.

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Belt owned : fancysteel.
Model: female slim fit chastity belt.
Additional extras : female front dome shield and rear opening plate.


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Re: Shackled by the slave.
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2019, 01:31:30 PM »
Dear Kajira Mistress,

also at this place I would like to thank you for allowing me to be your slave.
Now I've been yours for about a week and the transfer to this lock two days ago was breathtaking.
Thank you Kajira Mistress, I AM YOURS.


I can only advise all curious and interested:
If you have a serious interest in chastity and you have a penchant for role playing, then contact Kajira.
She's gorgeous.
Above all, you do not have to be afraid of this lock.


So that you have an idea what to expect, here is some information (regarding the RPG part):

For German speaking ppl there is a special German Gor wiki:
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Male chastity is a lifestyle. There is no need to cum.