Please DO NOT share your 20 character ChastiKey user id with anyone

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Your user id is what ties you to your locks data backed up online. It's 20 characters long (23 with hyphens) and can be found on the screen where you create new locks. It's not the same as your username which can be shared if you wish. There's no reason to give this user id out to anyone and there's no reason for anyone to ask you for yours. With your user id another user is able to restore your locks to their device.

I may however ask you privately for your user id if you've contacted me with regards to a problem you're experiencing with your lock(s). This is so that I can find the relevant lock(s) in the database and investigate the problem.

If you've not done it already please write down or take a screenshot of your user id and keep it safe incase you have a problem with your device/install and need to install ChastiKey again or get a new device.

I'm not able to give you your user id if you've forgotten it, even if you remember your username.
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