Obey or Stay

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Obey or Stay
« on: November 19, 2021, 10:34:53 AM »

Within my other locks I already have serious contenders under my control where a few of them are into their second month and unlikely to find release for months to come. I find the ones who communicate the most trustworthy. Most others come quietly and await their chance to escape. A few seem to just load to up their status points while most likely they wear nothing.

Obey or Stay

7 to 30 Day Lock with possible extentions for not carrying out tasks

important - personal security:

I do not need your personal information, address or number or any identifying features such as face. I also have no Gender preference or require explicit images


1. DM before loading and await the OK - Once loaded the Lock is Frozen and I will Unfreeze you.
2. You will give me the name of a local Town or City where you either live, work or a place you visit often
3. THE TASK - I shall Google the area and I shall want to see selfies with a particular background. (If you feel unsure for any reason just take someone with you, they don't need to know anything) I will ask you to hold something or maybe wear something so as to know this is you.
4. Check ins will be required once a day with a 12 hour allowance as many people have different work patterns.


if a Task is not carried out I shall play with your Lock. Have fun

Be aware that you know what you are doing before locking up! Play safe, think ahead, don't drink before making these decisions as you may regret later. Stay safe and enjoy the ride.