Slaves wanted/daily writing tasks

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Slaves wanted/daily writing tasks
« on: March 17, 2022, 01:34:46 PM »
Hi, I'm Anita, 33 years old. I recently discovered the world of male chastity through my boyfriend and realised that I love it.

I discovered this application and I have to say that the idea of having a small herd of caged males at my mercy makes me very excited.

I like locks with a big luck factor that can last from a few hours to serveral days.

For exemple :

I am looking for a small group of loyal slaves who would be willing to dedicate some of their free time to work for me to get their freedom faster. They will have to write lines to me every day (by the website) to satisfy my whims in order to obtain my clemency and their freedom. The work I give every day depends on the amount of time each lockee is ready to give me (discussed with each sub beforehand).

I am quite strict but I can also be very kind and generous to slaves who deserve it. I expect my lockees to be rigorous, motivated and involved in the tasks I give them. I am uncompromising about spelling and the way my subs address me. I punish my subs (adding cards or time to chastikey, extra work) when they don't do their work or when they don't behave well, but I can also be very generous and kind giving my guys days off (with or without the chastity device) or sending them little motivating and exiting gifts when the sub is irreprochable in his work and his conduct towards me.

Please do not contact me without first sending me a little presentation and a motivation text.

I am looking forward to meeting you virtually at my feet and at my mercy.

Miss Anita

Re: Slaves wanted/daily writing tasks
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2022, 07:59:40 PM »
Hello Mistress.
Please check private messages.
I'm on my knees and greetings.

Re: Slaves wanted/daily writing tasks
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2022, 09:32:35 PM »
ISO! I know, who isn't, right?  I have been searching for a Domme for years.  ISO a FLR relationship.  No more girlfriends or play partners.  No more kinky relationships.  I'm looking for the real thing and that being the mutual goal and expectations starting day one.  I will be loyal and obedient.  You may have as many other relationships as You wish.

You should cuckold me. Not my favorite kink but it's what a Mistress i serve deserves and displaying jealousy is questioning Her authority.  It is also the line in the sand that distinguishes the parameters of the agreed upon relationship. I will arrive locked in chastity on our first meeting.  I will hand over my key when instructed. 

I am in search of a knowledgeable, extremely strict, well experienced Mistress.  I live in the Orange County area and it would make sense if my Owner did also.  I am not the world's best slave, I will need training, discipline and kept in line.  At times in the beginning it will be challenging.  I can get lazy, get bratty, stray ect. But I will never give up and accept the consequences for my wrong doing.  I dont expect sex. Or to be able to touch or see my Owner naked unless granted as a reward.  My ideal Domme would, infact, be lesbian. In a perfect world but not limited too. 

Matriarchy is a must.  Pegging is probably required. Again, not my favorite activity but i understand its place and necessity.  I do love the power exchange involved.

I work full time and I am trying to start a business. Which i would give up either if requested.  I will put my Mistress as my first priority.  She will determine my hard limits.  I am an artist, skilled craftsman and survivalist.  I also possess a certain attribute that I have been told can be a selling quality.

I understand and accept that i am subjected to harsh punishments, endless servitude, gender inequality, torture, humilation as a an object owned, to be loaned out, traded or sold.  I am excited to sign contracts and be official.  The more cruel, intense, strict, and controlling the better.  My Mistress is to live without limits.  Even if it means limiting me.  Your success, attention, and being able to be a part of Your limitless potential of living Your Female Supremacy lifestyle is the reward i desire.

I'm offering to hand over complete control to a wise Mistress that will take me beyond my limits no matter how hard I beg Her not too.  A Mistress that will not allow me to quit.

I am not desperate and not going to jump into something that isn't right for me.  I have been patient for a long time.  Searching for the right Woman so I will hold out longer if I have too.  But I'm super bored and would love to move on, times a wastin’. However, I am earger to serve and have the desire to prove myself to a powerful, beautiful, creature of superior intelligence. A Goddess that isnt afraid to practice Her supremacy.  A Gal that is confident who owns Her own cage and other behavioral implements and techniques that I would never dare question.  I want to feel and live at Her feet.    Devoted to the heart, committed by desire, fueled by adrenaline and enslaved under contract.

I know She is out there somewhere.  Must be a bullbusting badass with a demented sense of humor.

I will promptly respond with honest answers and details, either if interested or just want to chat, or talk shit whatever.  Suggestions, criticisms are always welcome.