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First Lock
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At first I didn't want to post anything on this forum considering this keyholder.. But decided to share my experience as a community service
to warn other what this keyholder is all about.

"she" start with asking conformation pictures about yourself being locked.. I'm don't have many problems with this to prove to a keyholder i'm not wasting her time.
However she keeps pressing for more explicit pictures as time goes by (almost every few hours). I only have given one extra picture to make it a more fun experience for either party.

She however is not satisfied.
Keeps telling she wants more 'sexy'  pictures, even of your face (I refused this of course). Later on she wants you to start posing.
Of course this is the part am just done and tell it's not normal behavior for someone to keep trying to get more explicit photo's of someone.

She backs down and releases me.. Thankfully.

Just to warn other not to join any locks of this keyholder.. And not to touch it with a 10 feet .. No preferably a 20 feet or more pole.
Conversation is reported as abuse and i have saved it into notepad too.

You are welcome