Locked up for lockdown

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Locked up for lockdown
« on: January 06, 2021, 12:01:16 PM »
With the UK back in lockdown you may need a little help to avoid 'procrastinating'. I have not 1, not 2, but 3 options for you.

1. The fixed time lock will remain frozen until lockdown is officially finished in the UK.

2. The daily check in gives one opportunity a day to draw, but will reset each week if you've not obtained all greens. This will reset a maximum of 6 times, which should take you to the end of lockdown if you're very unfortunate.

3. The long haul lockdown lock up is one continuous lock that will run approximately 6 weeks you're especially unlucky, or you may be out well ahead of the nation.

All locks will be unlocked when lockdown finishes if you have not been lucky enough to be out before that point. Locks 2 and 3 average 17 days based on simulation, results may vary.

Use a green emoji if you would like me to play around with your lock to play with your chances further (locks 2 and 3). Feel free to DM me (discord is best place to contact me) if you would like your lock a little different and you have something in mind. A red emoji or a DM if you *need* to be out early in an emergency (will pick up a DM on discord more reliably than an emoji change).

Have fun, but not too much.