Houdini Locks in one place

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Houdini Locks in one place
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I am Houdini. You will have heard of my reputation as an escape artist. I enjoy the art of escape, but I enjoy preventing your escape even more. My locks are designed to challenge you. I like to get in your head, and under your skin. Some of my self load locks for example look innocent on the outside. But if I catch you, things will change. If you are brave, my Gamble lock will allow you to literally bet on your release date. Review my locks, and pick one that suits you. DM is permitted for all locks before loading. NOTE: My timezone may be different, so be patient for an answer. Its only a matter of time before I catch you... and lock you.

My Expectations
1. No lies: Lying to your keyholder will not be tolerated. Lying is disrespectful.
2. Genuine: Dont fake it. Chastity will be more fun if you come along for the ride. For safety, you are permitted to keep a spare key, but you will disclose it and ensure it is tamper evident. You will not use a physical spare key without consent except in case of a genuine emergency.
3. Hygiene: You are responsible for cleaning while locked if it is possible with your device. Disclose any special requirements before locking.
4. Locking: In the app, select 12 digit codes always, and just use the first few digits when you lock your keys. You should change the setting in the app to show your code to me.
5. Matching: It's more fun if we are on the same page. For all chastity locks (except the Solo), you need to create a DM post to me detailing a. Limits, b. Interests, c. Toys available for my use.
6. Respect: You will refer to me as Sir, or Sir Houdini at all times.
7. Details: For locks where DM is required before loading, I will give you further instructions before loading.

Are you ready to play my game?

Basic Bondage Lock
This is a quick short lock. Feel free to load yourself. No DM required. But if I catch you, I reserve the right to modify the lock. Deal yourself in to my game now!

Bondage Lock 1
Longer than the basic lock. But how long? Lock and load yourself. No DM required. Can you escape? Place your bets!

Bondage Lock 2
Random time. Could be half the time of Bondage Lock 1, OR, it could be double the time. Take a chance!

Bondage Lock 3
Card based bondage. This one could be very short for self bondage, but could be the same length as Bondage Lock 2. Pick a card!

Bondage Lock 4
Card based bondage. This could be as long as the Bondage Lock 2, but less likely to be short  ;) Stick around!

Bondage Lock 10 Hours
Fixed time bondage. Lock up for 10 hours. Good for a night time lockup.

Bondage Lock 16 Hours
Fixed time bondage. Lock up for 16 hours. Good for a day time lockup.

Go to jail. Go directly to jail. A real prisoner will be locked for 23 hours a day, with 1 hour release for exercise. This is the perfect lock for some solitary lock time. If used for bondage, make sure you have access to your phone AND A CHARGER for safety.

This lock is a dual purpose lock. It can be used for chastity if you are looking to hit the 1 year badge. But, I do occasionally use it for other purposes and customise the time based on a discussion. Do not load without DM in advance.

Solo Chastity
This lock is the same as our Level 1 lock - but it does not reset daily. The AVERAGE duration is 8 hours. But it is a NON cumulative lock. This lock is designed to teach you to remember your place. Be ready to pick cards until your release.

Houdini Level 1 Daily Escape
This is where it all began. The first Houdini lock. It is the same as the Solo lock, but it resets daily. But, there is a twist. Only ONE person locked in this lock will have a REAL lock running per day. Everyone else will have their REAL lock FROZEN. You need a combination of luck, and determination. DM required before locking. You will also have access to my private channel while  in this lock. How long will you be locked? Good question. Some escape in two days, others are locked for two weeks or more.

Houdini Level 2 Daily Escape
Someone who was doing Level 1 asked for a cumulative lock. And so was born Level 2. But things are never that simple when you play games with Houdini. You will have one real lock, and one fake lock - alternating between them. Only I know which is real and which is fake. Yes, it is cumulative - but there is a twist that you will find out once loaded. DM required before locking. You will also have access to my private channel while  in this lock. How long will you be locked? It is likely to be longer than Level 1, but the actual length is dependent on skill as well as luck. There are some tricks that will help you get out of this lock faster. You need to have completed Level 1 before loading this lock.

Houdini Level 3 Weekly Escape
Once you've completed Level 2 and you want a more challenging game, load this lock. This is a cumulative lock, with a 3 hour interval, but it resets weekly. DM required before loading, and you must have completed Level 2. How long will you be locked? We'll talk about the odds in DM before you load  ;)

Houdini Gamble
Are you willing to gamble with your lock? Do you crave uncertainty as to how long you will be locked? The Houdini Gamble allows you to wager every day how much you would be willing to "stake". That wager is compared against four die rolls, and that will influence cards added or subtracted from your lock each day. Bet big, and you could be out very quickly. But if you are not so lucky, that could have you under my control for quite some time. Interested parties are encouraged to discuss with me for further details on how the lock works, so DM is required. You must have also completed the Houdini Level 1 Lock.

Houdini Lockdown
If you want a longer lock without the cards, this would suit you. Fixed time lock - between 1 week, and 2 months.
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