Guess about Diana to get unlocked.

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Guess about Diana to get unlocked.
« on: September 25, 2018, 12:37:02 AM »
Hello everyone, Let's play a game called "Guess about Diana to get unlocked" (Daily, Non-Cumulative, 3 greens, 5-7 reds, 1 yellow and one reset). Lock it on and send me your username in the app via discord and I will add you in the group chat. I will ask a question about myself and the user(s) with a right answer will get their chances increased
while the wrong and inactive users will get cards added. The questions will be posted random times and answers will be revealed when the next question starts. Note. My current locked users have to get unlocked before registering for this lock. Have fun😘
Hello everyone, I'm Diana. I was into keyholding since I was 17, and I have an experience in real life as well, currently i'm holding my boyfriends key of his chastity device, but I wanna hold yours as well ;) I'm am a nice(but smart) keyholder and I exactly know what you need. Feel absolutely free to message me 😚😊