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I started a lock up for fitness  code 2Y9263RPU25W7L. I had some signups who deserted but I was not using this forum. The rules for the lock up are iw will start start at 60 days but the sentence will be reduced for each day you can verify 30 min of exercise to me. If you exercise every day of the lock up it would only last 30 days. The goal is to provide the motivation to loose weight and become more active. Since I am new to this app I was unaware it would be posted and any one could sign up with out knowing the rules, I apologize to users who signed up did not understand the rules. Going forward those that sign up can expect to have their locks set to 60 with sentence reduced for proven good 8) behavior only!


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Re: Fitness
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Sounds interesting!! How do you provide proof??

Re: Fitness
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You would need a smartphone and to share your health data on it. The Under armor fitness tracking app, Nike fitness club or similar app is also helpful.