Escape before it freezes

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Escape before it freezes
« on: September 12, 2021, 01:20:52 AM »
Ive played Lockee from time to time but Im now wanting my own little toys to torment. I live and sleep in the United Kingdom. This lock has only 5 stickies and one green, cumulative every 3 hours. You have a one in six chance to escape every 3 hours but with a warning! When I sleep you will be frozen until I wake up. Remember the US East Coast is five hours behind the UK, you have been warned. This lock will last a few hours but it may take a few days if you are really unlucky. Max duration will be 5-7 days but I will decide that later according to how Sadistic I feel. Dare you?

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Be aware that you know what you are doing before locking up! Play safe, think ahead, don't drink before making these decisions as you may regret later. Stay safe and enjoy the ride.