Cin Asylum

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Cin Asylum
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In the dystopian world where male orgasms are a sign of insanity you have been convicted by the magistrate for lewd behavior and male hysteria and set to the Cin Asylum.

Each day at the Cin Asylum, you are kept collared,  made to wear heels, chastity device and restrained through most of the day.  Your usual day starts at 6 AM. You food bowl is laid in your cell and you are encouraged to eat.  After breakfast, you are led by a orderly in a crisp white uniform, short skirt, heels and scrub top to the milking room.  You are then roughly milked to analyze your excretions.

After, you are led to a gallery and strapped to a chair.  Your head held into place, a gag firmly in your mouth, hands cuffed to the arms, ankles to the legs and finally your eyes held open.  A plug is then inserted into your ass as the orderly tells you in a sweet voice "this will measure your arousal" she then placed pads on each testicle and connects the plugs to your cage.

The orderly moves away and you hear the 'click' 'click' 'click of her heels receding. 

Suddenly a snap of light comes and you see you are not alone. Many other males are next to you as the porn begins to play as you become more aroused and you swell in the cage you get shocked on your testicles, dick and ass. The more you become aroused the more intense the shocks are.

Finally you are led back to your cell and placed into restraint and sensory degradation until your next day begins.

We hope you get better quickly at Asylum Cin.  Otherwise the magistrate has authorized us to take more extreme manner at curing your hysteria. The surgeoness  will be here one week from today to do the procedure.

You only have one chance to escape each day.  Will you manage to overcome your orderly? Will you get out before the procedure to permanently  cure your hysteria happens?

This lock will reset every 24 hours.  The lock will run a maximum of 7 days.


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I may have to try this and supplement it with my TENS