Changing your username in ChastiKey

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Changing your username in ChastiKey
« on: November 21, 2017, 12:37:50 AM »
Having a username in ChastiKey isn't required but if you're sharing and loading locks I'd recommend changing your username from the default CKU* ones that each user gets assigned  because it looks better and you'll probably stand out more.

If you're creating locks for others to load it would be better for the people loading your locks if they saw "Locked by <Insert cool username here>" than "Locked by CKU123"

Likewise if you're loading a lock you'd probably stand out a little more in the keyholders list of users that they have to manage if you had a username that didn't look like "CKU123". To the keyholder you would look like someone that's actually using the app and lock and not someone that's just loaded the lock to see what it's all about without actually locking away their key etc. so you're probably more likely to get your locks modified by the keyholder, especially if they have lots of CKU* users in their list.

You don't need to re-create locks or reload locks if you've changed your username after creating or loading the lock. The new username will show on both sides once you've changed it.

To change your username in ChastiKey click on the profile icon at the top right of the app, above the list of locks, or access your profile page from the menu within the app.

I will only share your locks via other sites if your app and forum names match or are very similar.
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