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General Chat / Re: Whats your best record in chastity?
« Last post by infonitelockee on February 27, 2022, 05:45:22 AM »
im experienced key holder.
Share your best duration record in chastity here!

Hello Ma'am,

My curent record is 222 days...

Maybe the next record will be with you who knows ?

General Chat / Re: Why do men like to be caged; to help a wife understand?
« Last post by infonitelockee on February 27, 2022, 05:32:16 AM »
Dear Sluts, Slaves, Trainees and Keyholders,
I was not sure whether to add this into my “New to being a keyholder” post or start a new chat.  Clearly, I decided on the latter and have done this to keep the conversations separate and, hopefully, easier to follow.  If you are new to my posts then it might help to read the aforementioned ‘chat’ as it will put this conversation into better context.

I need your advice about why my husband wants, in fact needs, to be caged and punished.

In the initial stages of my hubby exploring chastity, he locked himself up, for quite some time without telling me.  It was only during lock down 1 that he had the courage to tell me, which I applaud him for as he clearly was struggling with his sexual needs at the time.  During the early stages I was just aware of when he was locked but as time went on he asked me to be his keyholder.  I found this very strange and still cannot understand why he needs me to be the KH.  I welcome your views on that one 
Being his KH progressed into role play and, more recently, the role play has become a way of life.  Even when he is out of his cage, I find that I am more commanding and stricter on him than earlier on in our marriage.  He also responds to this and is so much more attentive and interesting to be around; he actually shares his thoughts more.
What I don’t understand is why he accepts the punishments.  I know that he can relieve himself, even when caged, but he seems to not want to.  I have asked him for his view on the matter and I am not convinced that he fully understands the need to be dominated or why he accepts the punishments so willingly.  Let’s be candid, I have been getting quite cruel recently and sense that he still wants more!
Hubby has said that:
1. His work life is so intense and he has so many responsibilities, being a slave is relaxing for him
2. When caged his hormone levels build up and the cage is a constant reminder that he shouldn’t relieve himself without my permission.  For him, this is constant joy!
3. That, as he has got older, he sometime suffers from ED and being a servant to me, without the use of his manhood, means he can still enjoy the passion of pleasing me without the guilt of being a disappointment in bed (something that I have never berated him for)
I am struggling to understand whether I am being unkind to him with the punishments and could in fact be reinforcing his lack of libido?
What are your views, self-reflection and great wisdom that you can share with me?

Yours truly and bemused,
Mistress Dominique xx

Hello Ma'am,

As far as I'm concerned, I like knowing that the keyholder takes pleasure in frustrating me..

 The more she takes pleasure, the more I like it.  Especially if she lets go of her sadistic side by teasing me or humiliating me, showing me her own pleasure with a sextoy or a lover knowing that after that I myself would be unable to provide myself with equivalent pleasure.

I like to feel the desperation to enjoy gradually rising and overwhelming me until I'm almost mad.  crying, begging for a release that won't come because that's when the Keyholder decides to double my sentence...
Just because she can...
Just because it amuses her and it's  excites her...

The more the Keyholder is cruel, the more I like it.

 Even if in a burst of utter cruelty she decided that I should become unable to get a hard-on and my cock should shrink I would be happy to be the object of her cruelty.

Oh of course I will beg her to abandon her disastrous project because I know that once this point is reached there is no reason to release my cock since the cock has become totally useless...

 I know that by admitting this publicly  I take the risk that a particularly cruel Keyholder could be tempted and decide to do it at all costs...
If it were to happen, I would accept it since I like it's cruelty...

I would surely regret every day  to have accepted but a part of me would still be happy to be the toy of a Keyholder even more cruel than in my wildest dreams
21 Male (Gay) Chastity Bottom from South of England LF someone to be my keyholder/ someone to verbally degrade/ humiliate me on a semi-regular basis if possible but short term is fine.
Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Re: Miss Johannas Locks
« Last post by KellsBS on February 26, 2022, 02:56:31 AM »
May I please load one of the starter locks Goddess. Not big into discord sorry.
Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Re: New lock from Goddesschrissy
« Last post by KellsBS on February 25, 2022, 07:44:41 PM »
Do you mind if I load this lock goddess
Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Re: Dare You?
« Last post by RalSalgeEN on February 22, 2022, 07:59:36 AM »
Do you dare was very different for Kylie and pwl then but it does reflect on pwls very very early work and possible gives a little hint of music that would come from Kylie years and years later.
General Chat / Re: Why do men like to be caged; to help a wife understand?
« Last post by dominiquerichards81 on February 21, 2022, 11:47:15 AM »
Hello Odslutpuppy,
Good to hear from you again.
It always helps to hear from others 'in the know', regarding chastity and everything that goes with it.  The FLR that Hubby has asked for is so far removed from our day-to-day life with our day-to-day friends: it is sometimes hard to know what is 'right', what is 'wrong' and, when I am being too 'kind' to my Subby.  Your thoughts always help me to reflect on this and to stop thinking too much.  Return to basics "Mistress D, Subby works hard, you simply direct!" Or something along those lines.
I think that your wife is clearly a wonderful person but I do hope that she reminds you of that by taking your sexy underwear away too, I would hate to think that you are missing out on the necessity of punishment too!  he-he;-)
I agree with you, humans can become desensitised to many things, like you say, "Look at TV".  The mind is an amazing thing also, and I think the trials of work for the last couple of months has taken our intimacy away and it is that, an active mind, which makes all of the physical experiences enjoyable.  Making it fun is also important and the bloomers ideas will be funny, especially for me.  Can you imagine the humiliation Subby will get going to the gym in frilly shorts or a chafing thong that just pokes out of the top of his leggings;-)
Anyway, thank you O'
Take care and continue to worship your wife.
Mistress D xxx
General Chat / Re: New to being a keyholder
« Last post by dominiquerichards81 on February 20, 2022, 01:19:40 PM »
Hello Chastikey et al,
I entitle this story as “7 gifts of Valentines - Part 2”
The next morning, I was woken to a gasp from Hubby from the ensuite.  I stretched languidly after a very relaxing sleep, giggling to myself as I remembered what had been Day 1 of Subby’s introduction to what a ‘conditioned Valentine’s woman’ is expected to be.  I did think that I would ignore him and snooze for a little longer but I was intrigued and my brain won’t switch off once it is intrigued; plus I knew that he would be fussing over whatever it was that he had discovered in the bathroom for the rest of the morning.  Hmmm, that might be something to refer to this evening😉
“Morning dear, everything ok?”
“Is this normal!” He asked as he came through the door and back into our bedroom.  He was holding the front of his boxers open looking worried.  As the curtains were still drawn I couldn’t really see much but the light from the ensuite did glint off his freshly ‘mowed’ chest.  Hmmm, that looks good!
“I’m not sure, what is the problem?”
“My nuts are red raw and itch too buggery!”
Looking down I could see what he meant.  “You didn’t use the Veet all over your body, did you?”  I knew full well that he had but, LOL, welcome to being a woman!
His eyes looked up and he genuinely looked scared. “Yes, shouldn’t I have?”
“I did tell you to read the instructions.  Veet is effectively paint stripper you know.”  I laughed at this point, though perhaps I shouldn’t have as Hubby would be in A&E if I didn’t put an end to this quickly.  “Just keep putting on baby lotion and you will be fine.”
“But, what if…”
“Enough!  Do as I say and you will be fine.”  I was surprised by the steel in my own voice.  Honestly, I am a very sympathetic person but, recently, I have found that I drop into character very easily.
“Yes Mistress, sorry, I didn’t mean to question you.”
“Once you are done, wash you hands and I think a cup of tea would be really nice.”  And off he went.  My brain was still in ‘Mistress’ mode so whilst Hubby was in the kitchen, I planned how his next gift would be delivered.  This would take subtlety, I want to keep the humiliation building up but I am not ready to share what we have with friends, certainly whilst the children are too young to understand.  Plus, with Hubby, gradual build up always drives him crazy!
After breakfast, I laid out Hubby’s suit and a short-sleeved shirt.  “Why this shirt dear?  It’s still a little cold for short sleeves?”
“Yes, and more so now that your shaggy body hair is gone.”  I grinned.
At this point his predicament started to dawn in his mind.  “But people will see!”
“But what do I say, how do I explain why there is no hair on my arms?”
“Tell them…tell them that you wife has decided to take control of your image.”
“What, I’ll sound like I’m hen pecked or something.”
“Aren’t you?  This is what you have asked from me, no?”
He nodded, head down.  “People will laugh.” 
“No, they won’t, not the woman anyway.  They will be thinking how beautiful your skin looks and thinking about either their own or whether they can get their husbands or partners to ‘man-scape’.”  I said this firmly but also with a hint of lust in my voice.  The latter wasn’t wasted on Hubby, he could see that I liked him this way and that I was also buying into his need to feel feminine.
Midday I sent him a text from work “How is your day going my smooth slave?”
“There have been a few questions, some of the guys laughed, one actually said that he ‘scaped himself.  The women asked how I did it and most said that I looked better for it.  This attention has been difficult for me, you know that I’m an introvert.  However, it is making me feel so…good.  Thank you, Mistress, I love you!”
That evening, after the children had gone to bed and we had cuddled watching a trashy mini-series, I led Hubby up-stairs.  “Sit here my beautiful slave, I have a second gift for you.”
I studied his face, getting a clear image in my mind of what I wanted.  “Now, this will cause some pain, very little pleasure but you will love the outcome.”
“What are you going to do?  I’m not sure that I want makeup on Mistress.”
“No, and nor do I.  I am going to reduce those bushy mounds above your eyes into something more pleasing.”
“Oh, ok.”  The quietness of his voice is always an indication that something deep inside was pleased but his social conditioning was concerned.
It was actually quite fun to pluck away.  Watching him wince is always good and this was a lot less effort than using a cane or crop.  Thinking on it, I should have made him undress but, hey-ho, hindsight and all that.  I was pleased with the end result, not too feminine and his freshly sculpted eyebrows framed his piercing blue eyes well.
“What do you think.”
Instantly he answered “I really like them Mistress.”  Then, without pausing he scooped me up in his arms and dumped me on the bed.  My god, he was as horny as hell!  Should I uncage him, this could be amazing?  Nope, no time for that, it would appear, and certainly penetration was a long way from his mind as he roughly removed my clothes and buried his face into all of my crevices!  Bloody-hell, Subby has become adept with his hands and mouth!  I completely lost sense of time and had to bury my face in the pillow so as not to wake anyone!
“You have pleased me slave.  But I am exhausted and need to sleep.  Go to the spare room and sleep there.”
With a look of shock, Subby left the room.  I didn’t give it a second thought as I was asleep in moments.
It is only day 2 but this valentine is proving to be the best in our history!  There might be high expectations for Day 3 but, perhaps a step back is necessary instead.
Kind regards,
Mistress Dominique xxx
General Chat / Re: Why do men like to be caged; to help a wife understand?
« Last post by odslutpuppy on February 19, 2022, 06:01:57 PM »
Greetings Mistress Dominique,

You certainly pose some interesting questions, and there are probably those better to provide some answers... but I have some thoughts on the subject that I will share for whatever they are worth.

Regarding your first question, I feel that I must preface any response by saying that I am not a medical/psychology professional, so take what you will from any comments. I think that you can continue to express your distaste for crossdressing without compromising his "self worth" image - particularly if he has a bit of a humiliation fetish. But you may want to use your expression of distaste somewhat sparingly. Not only to avoid guilt feelings, but also to ensure that he doesn't become "desensitized" to how this aspect affects YOU, so that he forgets the privilege you are granting him.

Question 2 is a little easier (thank goodness). There are a number of things that come to mind that you might utilize in a disciplinary fashion. First and foremost is the "threat" of taking it away. Ensuring he knows that displeasing you will result in the loss of the privilege to crossdress can be a powerful tool in your repertoire - provided that you follow through. (And I suspect there would be no problem with that 😉 ). Secondly, you could acquire some "punishment" clothing (depending on Subby's fetish). Some popular ideas are 'Granny' panties, school girl outfit, plain bloomers, etc. Common to a feminization fetish is silk, satin, lace material - something that looks pretty and sexy. By avoiding that it can take the "fun" out of the wearing. By taking away the clothes that appeal to him and making him wear unappealing garments it can serve to reinforce the behaviour that you want. Thirdly, you mentioned in another thread about his possible "concerns" about comments at the gym regarding his shaved body. How do you think he would react to the  "threat" of having to wear a thong along with garter belt and stockings to the gym? It would seem to me that, just the threat of that type of exposure would be enough to keep him in line (unless, of course, he has a huge humiliation fetish).

Your 3rd question is one that I'm not sure how to answer. With enough exposure, we humans can become desensitized to anything. Just compare the amount of both sex and violence in television and movies over the past 50 years, and you'll see a significant change in what is tolerated. It can happen. Having said that, all I can offer is a personal observation. My wife has indulged my interest to the point where all of my male underwear was thrown out years ago. And since that time I wear panties 24/7. While in some ways it is just a pair of underwear, there remains to this day a certain thrill every day when I pick out a clean pair and slip them on. And when she gifts me with a new pair, it sends me back to the first time in my mind, strengthening the bond between us.

Sorry for the lengthy response - hope it helps in some way.
General Chat / Re: New to being a keyholder
« Last post by dominiquerichards81 on February 18, 2022, 05:29:43 PM »
Hello Chastikey et al,
I entitle this story as “7 gifts of Valentines - Part 1”
Hubby and I feel privileged.  Yes, we work very long hours, have had many knock backs over the years and have had to work as a team to get everything that we have.  Do we want more?  Yes!  Not material things, what we want is a deep, dark, red and a passionate life.  For the last two years we have been getting there, exploring chastity and everything that goes with that.  Material items pale into insignificance when you have chastity in your lives.
For the most recent valentines, we wanted to avoid the commercial motivation and instead move towards the darker aspects of our desires and just use the date as a focus.  We agreed that the 14th would just be a date in the middle of a fortnight of fun, pain and discipline.  True to tradition, “Ladies go first” and since Subby is the biggest lady in our relationship, he started the fortnight.
Hubby tried his best, a dozen beautiful roses on Valentines-7, chocolates V-6, lingerie and so forth.  I will admit, he has good taste and the heels he bought me on Valentine’s day were particularly sexy, extenuating my ankles and firm calves.  They also feel amazing!  Subby’s reward each evening was whether he had permission to pleasure me, would have to watch me pleasure myself or was cuffed to a horrid wooden stool, only able to hear me.  The stool is something that I found in a skip whilst we were out walking and clearly has had a tough existence: one of the legs is unstable, the seat is missing a strip of wood so uncomfortable on a bare bum and the lack of a backrest makes access to his bare back, complete.
“Subby, do you like the lingerie that you bought me.” I asked whilst he was balancing on the stool and I hovered behind him.  “Yes, Mistress and they look amazing on you!”
“Hmmm, but who are they really for, my slave?”  I whispered this into his ear and quietly backed away.  God, the panties felt amazing and the bra gave me a cleavage that I did not know I owned!  I don’t normally get very excited by lingerie, too much a ‘sterotype’ sort of thing imposed on women by society.  Give me PJs and no bra any day of the week!
“Sorry Mistress, I don’t understand?”  Perfect answer! Swish, crack and yelp!  The cane left a red welt across his shoulders.  I waited for the pain to sink in, realisation to dawn on his mind and then 3 more swings, the last two across the bulge of his bum resting on the stool.  He nearly fell over at this point but recovered just in time.
“Who was this lingerie set really for, slut!”
“Honestly Mistress, I have not worn them!”
“Oh, I know.  Your slovenly body wouldn’t squeeze into them.”  I hissed with mirth.  “No, but think, who is getting the most satisfaction from me wearing them, you or me?” 
“Oh, sorry Mistress, me.”
“Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!” And each affirmation was followed with a swing of the cane.  His back was glowing and Subby was panting.  As I moved around him, leaning over so that he got an eyeful of my beautifully cupped breasts, I could see that he had tears in his eyes.  Did I feel guilty?  Of cause not, the little slut had pre-come dribbling from his cock and was getting off on this as much as I was.
“So, you have once again thought of yourself first.  When are you going to learn that your thoughts should be about serving me and not what makes you feel horny?”
“Oh shut up!” Grabbing a gag, I silenced him.  Satisfied that the cock shaped mouthpiece would both mean he was humiliated and was unable to do anything other than gurgle.
What I did then, in front of him and completely oblivious of whether he could see or not drove him mad.  Panting, I looked up as my body was starting to come down from an incredible high and could see that he was hard and desperate to break his bonds.
“You are still enjoying this!  Spread your legs!”  I picked up the crop, which is never far away these days.  Stroking his groin, it only made him harder and I could see the tension in his eyes.  Three hard hits across his circumcised cock caused to deflating end to that.  This ‘treatment’ was new to him and he was clearly shocked.  “I am going to shower, stay here.”  Not that he could go anywhere, he-he.
When I returned, his manhood had shrunken down to a pathetic stump.  Wrapped in a dressing gown I pulled on a pair of marigolds.  “You look pathetic and I don’t even want to touch that lump of flesh with my bare hands.”  The pre-come was useful now as I pushed his junk through the ring of his cage and locked him up.
I removed the gag, admiring the red marks that it had left across his cheeks and neck.  “I acknowledge that you have worked hard to please me for the last 7 days, and even though the lingerie was born out of a selfish act, they clearly show that your feminine side is being trained well. Tomorrow I will start to reward you.  Remember, what I do for you will solely be focussed on what you need slut and are not for me, do you understand?”
“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.  I am here to serve you!”
“Yes, you are.”
The next day I was with Hubby again.  We both love the openness of our relationship after a ‘session’ as there is no sexual tension, just companionship.  Though we had to work, the breakfast and evening were cuddles and chats.
“Ok dear, it is shower time.  Would you like to go first?  I have put a towel out for you.”  My eyes made it clear to him that this was a non-negotiable. 
What Hubby found was a fresh towel wrapped around a new razor, a bottle of Veet and a note which read “From your neck down, all hair must go.  If you want to wear woman’s clothing then you are going to feel like one.  It is your turn to know what it takes to appease social conformity and expectations.”
I personally hate the smell of Veet but the benefits are superior to a razor and certainly last longer.  Hopefully my Subby read the instructions with the Veet and uses the razor on key areas of his body, because if he doesn’t, it won’t just be hair that he removes!
I am pleased to say that the result was excellent.  Seeing him stood naked, totally void of hair, other than for a few hard to reach places, was wonderful.  I’m not a fan of a ‘manly and hairy chest’. Hubby is/was and certainly looked embarrassed as I inspected him, razor in hand rectifying patches that he had missed.
“Photo time”
“What! Mistress please?” 
“Hahaha!  This is only day one of my gifts.  You do like it though?  Feel it, this is much better, don’t you agree?”
As he stroked his body, I could see that he had mixed feelings, one of joy and another of shame.  How was he going to keep this hidden?  What if somebody asks questions when he goes to the gym?  Well, that is his problem!
Mistress Dominique xxx
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