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Thank you for your locks, Miss. I've tried your easy testing lock yesterday - I really liked the updates.
I guess I'm going to try one of these - hopefully with some updates again  ;)

—> wow, that update came fast  ;D

Now you caught me ;D I'm curious how this lock will go on...

I will try the link next time. The fun of the game would be gone if I loaded the lock now that you know that I wanted to  ;)

Now I tried to load your lock, but ChastiKey App keeps telling me that the QR Code is not valid.  ???

No has tried this yet! Come be the first!! 😁

I will soon, I promise  :D

Wow, that sounds hot  ;) I might give it a try next week, right now I'm locked up anyway  8)

I tried again and was not caught. I start to believe that it just shouldn't happen  :-\

I did the best I could do to get caught, I even added about 4 hours of extra time, twice. Locked up for almost 11 hours- still not caught. Hopefully I'll have better luck next time  ;)

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