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Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Vegas House Cheat
« on: June 13, 2018, 02:32:52 PM »
Due to the popularity of the Vegas locks, I've decided to increase the risk factor a little (a lot?).

Consider this to be a Vegas lock where the house......cheats.  Maybe the table is rigged, maybe the deck is stacked.  However you want to look at it.

Hourly non-cumulative, and you start out with:
3 greens
2 reds
2 yellows
10 double ups.

When I notice a lock is loaded, I'll check the yellow cards and make sure at least one is a +yellow. (When a double up is drawn, it looks like it doubles the count of each specific type of yellow, rather than picking random yellows to double your total yellow count.)

Every 24 hours, I'll also check your lock, and if you're below 5 double ups, I'll add one.  (I might add one even if you're not below 5, just for my own amusement....)

I WILL NOT ADD REDS!  That would be blatantly corrupt, and would bring the Nevada casino regulators down on me, because it's way
too obvious.  I also won't be doing anything with yellows, beyond the initial making sure you have at least one type of +yellow. (If you load it when I'm asleep, I'll check them when I get up, so this yellow edit could come as several hours after you load the lock.)
So you still have the possibility of eliminating all the reds relatively quickly, even if you draw the yellows early on.  Actually, probably more so if you draw the yellows early on, because then they won't get doubled up too.

But, you also have the possibility of being in this one a fairly long time.  I honestly have no idea how I'd even begin to guess how long, but I'm definitely thinking this one could be weeks, maybe months.  Due to no resets, though, you'll never lose the greens you've already picked, so you always have a possibility to get out.

Emergency keys are enabled, so you can unlock if necessary, but I don't plan on unlocking anyone if they beg.  After all, the casino doesn't give you the winnings even though you went over 21.....


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Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Vegas lock
« on: June 11, 2018, 04:42:51 AM »
This pair of locks are what I'm calling my Vegas locks.
Cumulative hourly, with only a single red.  If you hit the red first, you can be out in an hour.  But there are also 10 double ups. If the red's already gone, there's nothing to double.  But if it's not....
Of course, just like Vegas, the odds favour the house, so you could end up with hundreds of reds and be locked for weeks.

Or you could get lucky.

I won't be adding any cards to these locks, as the fun is all in the luck of the cards.  Since they're cumulative, you'll not miss time for sleeping, unless you hit a double up in your banked chances.  Emergency keys are also enabled;  these locks are a bit too risky to deny that option completely, although if you wanted to deny it to yourself.....  ::)

Are you willing to gamble?

VegasRed is just a single red, 2 greens (both required), and the double ups.
VegasYellow adds a little more risk by tossing in a single yellow, too.


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General Chat /
« on: May 30, 2018, 06:56:43 PM »
Anybody ever done their own map at

Here's mine:

I'm thinking I've got way too many purple, and not enough green.  Maybe I need to work on that.....


ChastiKey Chat / Time server issues
« on: May 30, 2018, 02:34:41 PM »
I seem to get time server connection issues sometimes when I'm starting the app, like I'm not connected to the Internet.
I can browse just fine immediately after it happens, or use any other app that connects to the Internet, but Chastikey complains about it.
I wouldn't say it happens frequently, but it's a little more often than I would call "occasional."
This last time I restarted my phone and it's working fine after that, so it might be the phone, but I've also seen cases where it would fail to connect, and go into offline mode, then when it tries to reconnect in 90 seconds it works then, too.

It's weird, and not particularly detrimental, but I'm wondering if anybody else has seen anything like this?

How exactly do you get the time?  Have you got a time script on your server, or does it query an NTP pool server?


ChastiKey Chat / Question about the new version UI.
« on: May 07, 2018, 06:50:09 PM »
From the lockee side, if the KH hides an update, the lock information screen says

        Updates from Keyholder

Update hidden                        3h

Is that 3h how long ago the update was done, or how far into the lock it was done?
I've seen it change, and I'm wondering if it's because a second update was done, or because time has passed since the update was done.


I know I'm not the only one to notice that if you tell someone to fuck their ass with a dildo, the board censors the words that might be "offensive."  It seems odd that on a board like this, someone would be sensitive to dirty words.

(I know Kevin's been looking into turning that option off, but if anybody's still seeing it, keep reading.)

Well, I was digging around in my profile settings, and discovered that you can turn censorship off for your account.
If anybody's interested, here's how:

1. When logged in, mouse over your username at the top right.  A menu will pop up.  Click on the gear icon immediately below your username.  This takes you to your profile settings.

2. Down the left hand side of the page, there are various categories and subcategories of things you can set.  Under "Modify Profile", click on "Look and Layout".

3. Underneath the time offset section are a bunch of checkboxes, one of which is "Leave words uncensored." Click it.

4. You can change the time offset too, if you don't want to have to convert GMT to local time in your head.  Since the forum is in England, the forum time is GMT.  Just take your timezone - eg. GMT+1:00 - and put whatever you have for the "+1" part into the offset box.

Hope that's helpful to someone besides me.....


I decided with one of my subs to see if there was a limit to how many cards I could use in a lock in Chastikey.
Turns out the limit is 399 for red cards on a trusted lock, and 199 for each type of yellow.  That's -1,-2,+1,+2 and +3.  So a total of 995 yellows.
During setup though, the app will only let you do up to 96 reds and 96 total yellows, though.

This is a pair of 1/4 hourly locks with 96 reds and 96 yellows.  Emergency keys are disabled for both, but being 1/4 hourly it's not going to have you in it for a long time, regardless.

The only difference between the two is one has 5 reset cards, the other doesn't.

If you lock up with either of these with the trust option enabled, I'll bump your cards up to the maximum red, and maximum for yellow add cards, too.  I might have mercy and bump the yellow subtract cards to their limit, as well.

With these locks, the one with the resets is going to have you out sooner, because the reset cards will take the lock back to 96 red and 96 yellow. (If I notice, should I max out your cards again?   ::) )

Either way, though, 399 reds at 15 minutes is just over 4 days.  Not a particularly long lock for some of us, but the plethora of cards makes things interesting.

The 6AH lock has resets, the CJM one doesn't.

If there's interest, I can make one like this that's hourly, instead.....


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Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Couple of locks.
« on: March 13, 2018, 03:38:19 PM »
48 red, hourly chances
1 reset, 0-10 yellows.
1 fake allowed,
early keys disabled.

Anybody up for a couple of days lockup?

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