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ChastiKey Chat / Re: Replacement apps in development
« on: December 30, 2021, 09:23:03 AM »
Good morning Kevin.  I hope you can assist me.
I lost my CK software via a computer glitsch earlier this year and am now trying to re-establish my account.  I do have my account key, which I had kept diarised elsewhere.

I find I am now unable to reload chastikey - the log in screen opens but will not accept any entries at all in the account code area. I'm sure this must be down to your imminent shutdowm of CK.  Are you able to please help me to reload the account until your cutoff dates?  I'm not sure if this message channel is private so I have not provided the account number here, but can do so via any private messaging you could suggest.

I have set up Chastisafe in the meantime and it seems to work reasonably well already.  I would however love to get back to Chastikey to capture all existing account history, etc.

Can you assist?
Rocky Raccoon # 9072

My problem was not understanding Discord and how the lock freeze worked. I today completed a new download of the Whole New Ballgame.
Great fun and a really good keyholder.

Mistress Miranda. You disabled my lock after about 2 hours in process. I now see you have not been active for the last 3 days so the lock was not supervised.  After 22 hours locked I could not wait indefinitely so had to break the physical lock and then delete your online lock! How could that happen when the "Whole New Ballgame" required unlock action from you?

Dear Mistress Miranda,  I'm locked in your 'Whole New Ballgame'  Status said you froze my lock about 3 hours ago.  I'm getting a bit worried. Was that a normal action or a tech fault? Please see my previous question about 'get out' messages required. Thank you Mistress. Rocky.

Mistress Miranda, I'd like to try your 'catch the mouse' lock but before I load it I need to know how to send the required pic for unlocking.  I've loaded 'Aki's Chastity Playground' server on Discord, could I send it via that and to what address? How would I keep the pic private (just for you). Need to figure this out before loading the lock. Help!

If I attached a pic via a message here, I presume that would be publicly viewable (not desirable!).

Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Re: Any takers?
« on: October 26, 2020, 11:07:45 AM »

Hey Endo, Do you want to try this URL?  Chastikey simulation suggests duration of about 2 to 4 hours.  I'm new to this as a keyholder, so hope it works.  I'm currently locked by Little Miss "The chase".  That had a reset card which I managed to select so my total time looks like it will be about 14 hours (I missed many 15 min opportunities overnight!).

If this works for you I'd be happy to switch and let you offer me a lock (no longer than 8 hr expected time and get out purchase allowed). Fixed or variable.
Can't wait to see if you take this up :)

Thanks for letting me play 'The game'. ***** As a newbie that was great horny fun.  :) I hope to be back soon to find more of your locks. (Can only do 1 or 2 days max at the moment for various practical reasons  :-\  ).

Thanks for help. Problem solved. The saved Chastikey key was obviously correct. I had wrongly entered the first digit on the physical device. Found this by trial and error on just the first digit. More careful in future!

I've not yet had to destroy the lock so the combination posted here should save the day.  Thanks

Yes, please go ahead and supply the key here.

Thank you

Ah, ok.  Does the lock id need to be kept private or can I safely send it by reply here?

Hi Kevin, Thanks for your response.  Still not sorted, some uncomfortable stuff still in place.  If we can't sort what seems to be a software issue I'll soon have to resort to a destructive removal, which I could, but rather not.

In the meantime I'm running a new lock with Hailey, no actual hardware locked, just as a newbie learning curve.

The lock id is xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx (I kept a note of that but I don't know how to send it privately - I don't do twitter - can I send an email and to what address?).
I hope you can help.
"Rocky Raccoon"

I am locked in after accidentally extending a Hailey lock when trying to open the lock code at the end the designated lock. System says it is "Ready to unlock" - "Awaiting your decision".

Problem is that there is no option to be found for entering / clicking on my decision to unlock.  This has become a major problem after the resultant extra 6 hours already.

Can anybody please help or advise how to solve this?  I sent this request to KevinCross hours ago but he has not shown as active so far today.

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