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ChastiKey Chat / Given lock time from keyholder view
« on: July 25, 2018, 07:50:41 PM »
Im not sure, I'm not a key holder. But I tried it a view times.

If a key holder sets 7 days as maximum, after the seven days the app give you the green card, even when you have 100 cards and 5 greens to find.

If I'm right, I think there should be a option for trusted key holder to turn off the max duration and just give a number of red cards.

If  I'm wrong, how dos it work?

Greetings, and as always, thanks for the app!  :D

ChastiKey Chat / New card ideas and a Keyholder idea
« on: January 12, 2018, 09:31:30 AM »

First, thank you for your App, I realy like it!

Second, sorry for my English, its not my first language... ;)

So I had some Ideas about the cards:
Whats about a black card? A card, if You take it, it just goas back to the other cards, so that it will never go out of the Game. Ofcorse, it shoudn't alowd to add a lott of this cards. I think, max 3 Black kards in a Game.

Another Idea is to add an action card ore some numbers to the red cards. So everytime you pick a action card/spezific Numper of the red card, you have to do anything, what the keyholder says. Of corse, this Information has to go to the keyholder.

Another idea is, that the keyholder can sey, that the code don't go directly to the locked one. I thik, you coud do this like this:
If the locked one picks the green card, then a request goas out to the keyholder. The key holder can then daily coos, to send the code to the locked one or hold it for an other day. Ofcorse the Keyholder can send it anytime to the locked one. If the keyholder dont act, it goas automaticli to the locked one after a day.

An other option, wich could be interesting is, that the keyholder can take the green card out of the system in the beginning with out notification of the locked one. So that the keyholder can sey: "I know, in the beginnig is the chanche smal to choose the green card, but I will be shure, that he cant pick it until I alow it."

I hope you understand. ^^ Its just an idea.
If you have some quastion or if you don't undersand any thing just ask.

LG ML3000

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