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Please anyone is about to load @Lady Link Ice Queen's Frozen Challange lock be mercy and PM me before :slight_smile:
Thank You all

It is Mistress' decision, maybe days or so :)
Isn't it wonderful? :)

52 hours on my side.

Half of mine is enjoying.
The other half is not so much (it is a spiky chastity belt).

After all i am a masochistic slave, so i take what She gives :)

ChastiKey Chat / Shared Lock ID in statistics
« on: June 30, 2020, 01:30:34 PM »
Dear Kevin,

In ChastiKey Statistics a lockee can browse their own name, and can search their "Shared Lock ID". They can copy it, and search for that on other tabs (e.g. Completed Locks), therefore can collect informations about the Keyholder's practice (e.g. how long is that a lock usually).

I think this function decrease the uncertainity in the lockee mind, which the whole point imho :)

I think the tables would be good without the Shared Lock ID coloumn.
Is there any reason why this information is there?

Thank you in advance, CsL

Dear Miss Lea,

My lock is frozen about a day ago, and i am shaking with my phone in my hand - with uncertainty. It is a devil game, and one half of mine wants to break free, but the other half wants to encourage You to be as cruel as You want :)

Kisses to Your foot,

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