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It's been fantastic to serve such a wonderful Sir, and this lock has been amazing, full of fun and frustration  :P

Thank you Sir for the lock update (I think.....half the longest lock divided by 6 could be a long time  :-[)

Can I please jump back in and relock with number 20 (hidden)

The poll is a great idea and sure there is a solution, not sure if it's possible but can the poll votes be reset to zero? If so then can just have one poll with option 1, 2, 3 etc (enough numbers to cover all situations and if any question has less options any votes for options that don't exist are not counted and should be suitably punished). Then you can post a question in the body of the forum with association options and reset the votes to zero so counts start, it closes after a set time (or after when you login after the expiry) and then you just reset to zero on the next question posted in the main body. That way you only have one generic poll with generic option 1, 2,3 etc that never changes only resets. Hope that makes some sense....if not I apologize

Can I please select number 15 and may regret it but let's have the time hidden  :D

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