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So happy to hear that this lock is keeping you on edge as planned @simpletwstfate

At least that reset card is gone now

 ...or is it? 😏

I'm so glad I found this lock, Mistress, and I'm so lucky to be under your control. I'm a desperate mess right now and all I can say is thank you thank you thank you.

Just got a reset card, then added 5 red cards, then froze the lock. 😲😅

After a day I've yet to see a green card and just got a double up. 😲

I discovered ChastiKey the other day and wanted to learn the ins and outs of the variable mode so I loaded this lock. I'm not actually using it for my chastity, as that's something I'm only recently warming back up to. But I've got to say I like what I've experienced with this so far. Right now I'm building up my orgasm denial endurance. Before I took a break from this I was able to go months, but right now I'm on 8 days and plan to cum this weekend. After that I'm going 2 weeks. And after that I think I'll be ready to play with this for real and let a lock like this decide my fate for real.

Thanks to Mistress Alyona for making this. As a token of my appreciation I have sent a tribute on NiteFlirt.

Thank you to Mistress Alyona for creating this lock, and I hope I haven't offended Her by using it to learn from.

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