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Every day i beat my reccord.

And i had a Freez card today.

Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Re: Cin Asylum
« on: October 07, 2019, 01:01:11 PM »
Oh that's à lovely Lock...

Perhaps More longer Seems better to me.. .

General Chat / Re: Hints for first session overnight?
« on: October 02, 2019, 10:41:11 PM »

Doing a long session without taking the time to choose a cage is a little suicidal ...

The most important is the tail of the ring, too tight, the pain quickly becomes unbearable (especially under the scrotum). Too wide, the testicles go away and the cage does not stay in place ...

Usually, we start slowly at 4h, then a full day (weekend), a full day to the week (it is not the same thing to wear the cage at work, the stress is more intense).

Then, we test one night, the night is special, a healthy man can have night errections that can be painful with a cage ... Similarly, in the morning, the morning errection can cause a pain, you can calm that quickly by going to the WC).

Once we have done these steps, we can try a day and a full night ... Then 2 days (a full weekend), can begin to set small goals, from Monday to Wednesday for example and then from Wednesday morning to Saturday night ...
Wednesday morning until Sunday evening, then the whole working week, Monday morning until Friday evening ...

Finally, a full week, from Monday morning to Sunday evening ...

It can seams a long time for a while, so that your body is stressed, it is necessary to adjust your cage to your morphology (choose a smaller or bigger ring) get used to carrying the cage during the night (we are often awake at first and it's normal).

The choice of the cage is important, it's what will condition your comfort.
It's necessary to prefer a medical steel cage (more practical for the hygienne).

The tube shouldn'tt be too big in the car.
A tube too small gene of the blood circulation and can cause troubles in the long run.

Ideally, the tube should be slightly and small as your bird at rest.

Here is a link that will explain how to take the right steps:

There are mainly 2 types of cages:

- The cages whose tube passes under the ring:

This time is the length of tube

- The cages with the tube placed in front of the ring:

In this case, do not forget to count the thickness of the ring and the one between the ring and the beginning of the tube.
The length of the tube should be the size of your bird minus the ring follower and the gap between the ring and the tube.

If you can, choose a cage without the integrated lock, (see photos above and next picture)

it's more discreet than a padlock cage.

avoid urethral catheters at the beginning, as well as stress points.

Sorry for that long answer ...

Sorry for my bad English ...

A very long term Lock with a plastic cage ? 🤔

Not sure that will be realy without problems...

General Chat / Re: Chastity Devices
« on: September 25, 2019, 06:06:26 PM »
I, too, am a newbie. I have had three cages: a plastic one which gave me a painful heat rash, and was rapidly discarded; then I had a metal cage, which seemed OK until I was sitting in a low settee in a friend's house when a sudden flick of her eyes indicated something was wrong. A glance down showed that I appeared to have a massive boner in my trousers. Paradoxically, of course, it was the very device designed to prevent such an occurance. Then I switched to a micro cage, and found that when I was asleep, the morning woodie grew between the cock ring and the groin, forcing the cage away from my body, and incidentally, trying to tear off my testicles.
I now have a low cost belt on order from China, which looks as though it will flatten my groin area, and if I can get the belt tight, I shouldn't have the problem with the erection growing in the wrong place. However, I am surprised that there are so few belts around. Surely they seem the most logical way of preventing nasty bulges, and are the popular image of a chastity device. So why aren't they more popular?

Custom belts are effective but very expensive and if our weight varies, they become unusable (if you get fat, the belt becomes too serene, if you lose weight it becomes possible to slip his hand inside to remove the bird from his jail).
There's  no perfect system unfortunately...

I will probable not be released before the Locktober évent... And probable after the No-vember évent...

I begged m'y Mistress to be sadistic with me and... I think it's making Fun for Her lol.

Sorry for my bad English

General Chat / Re: Ideal duration
« on: September 06, 2019, 07:05:03 PM »
For me i think it really gets frustrating when the starting duration is passed for a long time after i was expecting to get out.

So for a lockee that was playing for just a 3 hour session 6 or more hours might really push their buttons.

For me, I was locked up by the bot Zoe, who always let me out early (so that was my expectation). i set up a 6 day session and by day 13 i was going crazy. I was moody, i was so horny, i was depressed thinking i would never get out. It was a pretty wild ride. Zoe let me out on day 16, i was shocked and at work...

That would be my suggestion, like any punishment, it is NOT punishment until the punished no longer wants to be punished, then the real punishment begins... (within sane and consensual limits of course. Play hard, play safe!)


It seems that Zoe sets the Locked time to the number of Red Cards ... And probably a little more than the number of Red Cards...

General Chat / Re: Chastity Devices
« on: September 03, 2019, 09:05:22 AM »
If you don't mind my asking, do you have foreskin? I'm intrigued by the possibility of the sound style but I still have my foreskin and expect it would interfere.  I've also generally done long term lockups (24/7, hygiene breaks once a week then back in) and I'd be concerned about the sound in for extended periods like that.

I have foreskin, this is a problem when I have to pee, because some urine remains in the foreskin and I have to use a panty liner.

ChastiKey Chat / Re: Oh no, ZOE!
« on: August 31, 2019, 05:02:42 PM »
Some folks will always complain.  « Problem » Mentality instead of « Solution » Mentality.

The trick is to not hold one’s breath, and remain Cool and Solution-oriented.

Carry on Dude ;)

Are you a developer ? So you can probably offer your help to Kevin to find a solution.

If there are some problems or trouble with Zoe (or an over bot) it isn't complain to say "there is a problem"... It's just Report.

Your message is useless ... Just complain that there are people who are only complaining ...

It's a paradoxical  situation ...

Sorry for my bad English.

ChastiKey Chat / Re: Suggestion
« on: August 30, 2019, 09:29:56 AM »
Is that a deal-breaker ?

Here I was, thinking I was onto something.  Oh well...   :o

It's not à problem (for me) but you must find a lock accepting overs locks at the same time...

(sorry for my bad English)

ChastiKey Chat / Re: Suggestion
« on: August 29, 2019, 10:33:30 AM »
Another idea : use two 4-digit luggage locks = 8 digits. 

If ever I’m unable to forget the 8-digit combinations, I’ll add another latch to my lockbox, with two more 4-digit luggage locks, to which I’ll assign another 8-digit Chastikey lock.

Conveniently, the 4-digit luggage locks on e-bay are about 2.50$ each (cheap!) and come in several different colours (black, silver, brass, blue, red, pink, orange, green...) which can be coordinated with the little coloured flags in the software, for example :

Hailey : yellow (brass)
Blaine : blue
Zoe : red
Chase : black

I’ll take photos of my setup pretty soon, and try and post them.

It's a Good idea but you can't synchronise the locks so your release depend of théelongest lock...

ChastiKey Chat / Re: Oh no, ZOE!
« on: August 29, 2019, 10:21:08 AM »
Maybe she’s turning over a new leaf, and finding herself as a keyholder ?

Certainly sounds auspicious.

I don't think so, there was no Up date.

I choosed Zoe with 2 Locks, one 30 days Max and one 90 days Max, she released me about 18 days on the 2 Locks.
It's like Zoe have à target of numbers of Day to be Locked...

Sorry for m'y bad English

ChastiKey Chat / Re: Oh no, ZOE!
« on: August 28, 2019, 03:12:40 AM »
I am kind of stuck in the same boat now... This is really making me scratch my head, and rub my swollen parts... I started a session a week ago. 24 reds with one chance every 6 hours. That should have been 6 days, but Zoe has been busily adding Reds to the session. She has added 26 reds to it so far, 6 more just a few hours ago.

I am 9 days and 20 hours into a 6 day hoped for session. She's making a total liar out of me... Every morning I wake up expecting to see the Zoe unlocked you message, but no, just another single chance then a 6 hour wait for the next one. It's making me deliciously crazy. I look down at my locked up self and then look in the app, and whisper "Please, Mistress Zoe, I've been good, let me out.... please let me out!"

Right now the session has 3 keys to find, 34 reds, 11 yellows, 1 freeze, 0 doubles (praise be!) and 1 reset (you know, just because nothing crushes your soul more than getting 3 of 4 keys, and then a reset card, oof!).

This session could go on for months... i really am amazed. Be ever so careful what you wish for little one,


I think you will be release soon, I had made a lock with 90 day maximum and... Zoe released me at 18th Day.

Zoe added à lot of Reds Cards and I didn't found any Green Cards.
But "She" released me... I was very disapointed...

(sorry for m'y bad English)

General Chat / Re: To my Lockees - current and future
« on: August 26, 2019, 07:01:08 PM »
I won't alter locks that you've agreed to unless I know/you tell me that you agree to locks being altered/messed with whilst you're locked. Safe, sane, consensual

You can message me on here, PM me on twitter or use kik.

If you want conversation/interaction whilst locked - you can message on here, or you are more likely to get better messaging by using Twitter or kik

I'm not your Lockee for the moment (but perhaps later, who can predict the futur ?), but it's an interesting information to know. 😊

Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Re: Long time lock
« on: August 19, 2019, 02:06:12 AM »
Thank you so much! That makes more sense. Still, it seems very exciting

Yes, it's very exciting not to know how long the KH will have fun with us  ;)

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