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you're all welcome.

it seems to be a quite challenging lock  :P

Good morning Little Princess,
Thanks for the update, I have the feeling that it will not be less cards.
I wish you a wonderful day
Greetings Marc
you're welcome.
and thank you  :)

This lock looks pretty daunting and fun to try! I think I will give it a shot if that's okay! :)

of course :)

wow, directly frozen

I told you its mean  ::)

thank you to everybody using my lock. I'm so happy you like it ;D

@MarcG you can try. but be warned: it's mean ;)

Welcome LittlePrincess,

Have fun and enjoy yourself  :)

Thank you :)

This sub will try your lock. Thank you.
You're Welcome

Hello everyone,

I downloaded the ChastiKey app a few days ago and found this beautiful community. I think it's a good start to share my first mean lock with you.

Red Cards for 2-3 days, but be careful for the double-up and other mean cards. will you find all 7 Greens before hitting one of them?

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