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Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Miss Johannas Locks
« on: September 10, 2021, 03:22:24 PM »
Welcome. Enjoy my locks.

Hit me up on Discord: Miss Johanna#0001

Dont forget to ask for DM FIRST on the Chastikey Discord Server

Chastity Locks:

12h Lock:

1 Day Lock:

3 Day Lock:

1 Week:

1 Month Lock:

3 Month Lock:

6 Month Lock:

Test your Luck:

Test your Luck 2:

Reset Madness:

Stickie Run 3h:

Stickie Run 12h:

Stickie Run 24h NC:

Key in a Haystack 1h:

Key in a Haystack 3h:

Key in a Haystack 24h:

Ice Cold Winter:

100 of Each:

10 of Each:

1 to 10:

Sleep or Unlock:

Bondage Locks:




Bondage 10min - 1h:

Bondage 30min - 2h:

Bondage 2h - 4h:

Bondage 3h - 6h:

Bondage 4h - 8h:

Bondage 6h - 12h:

Game & Special Locks:

Game Lock Sissy:

Game Lock Pain:

Game Lock Bondage:

Frozen Fridays Special Lock: DM REQUIRED

Miss Johanna Loyalty Collar Special Lock: DM REQUIRED

If you have any problems with a lock hit me up either here in DMs or on Discord.

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