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Hey guys, I'm your Mistress Elena. This is my first shared lock here.
Until now, I used to keep my bf safely locked in his cage^^ but now I thought why not keeping some fellow guys locked with him to motivate him ;)

Welcome to my new chastity competition!
It can be an easy lock for you, but it won‘t be easy for all of you!
Everyone is playing his own session, but your fate is also connected with the fate of your teammates in this lock. Someone being lucky always means others being unlucky ;)

The rules:
Your lock starts frozen - and will be unfrozen, as soon as the next guy joins in (if nobody joins within 24 hours, I‘ll unfreeze you but add an aditional green card).

Everytime a new member joins in, I will add an extra ‘green card‘ to the member who is the closest to unlock.

Everytime a member gets freedom, I will add an extra ‘green card‘ to all other members.

Maximum locked members at the same time is 10.

If you take the session, don‘t forget to message me!
I won‘t unfreeze you before I received your message!

Please give me some information about you:
Longest session:
Last orgasm:
Cock size (hard):
A few words about your expectations:

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