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Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Lock removed
« on: October 18, 2018, 06:31:23 PM »
Removed lock.

Hello forum!

I know some of you have been asking about loading one of my locks recently, and I've been reluctant to allow many people go forward with that (you know who you are). ;-) And for the same reason I did not get involved in some of the Locktober festivities, pending a review of where I stand on being a keyholder on this site, and what I need to get out of it... I've finally found a bit of time to address matters, and the result is this set of House Rules... I know Miss Katie also has her own set of rules, so this one is mine. :-)

Having held a fair number of keys here using the Chastikey app, a number of common questions, issues, and topics recur frequently from lock to lock and person to person. I’ve also had a fair number of not-so-positive interactions with some people; some of them just outright rude and in no way reflective of how you would treat your key holder or mistress. I also get a lot of time-wasters. Those who beg me to lock them up and then they bail on the session or stop communicating entirely. Or maybe they lose interest and move onto another keyholder. How? Probably because they had a backup/spare key and just unlocked themselves. Either way, it’s a huge fucking waste of my time. In an attempt to answer some of these items from the start so both you (the lockee) and me (the keyholder) have a positive experience, I’ve written up the following guide.

First off, as you might already realize, the majority of key holders here are not fin-dommes (that means: professional dommes who charge money for their services) even though that is permitted here. This means, we are essentially volunteering our time and energy to lock people up! Yes, there is a certain degree of fun associated with doing this… It’s a form of power play. But I don’t necessarily get off on it either. Your pics of your locked bits and other parts of your person generally don’t make me wet, so it’s not like that’s some kind of reward for me that way. Although, I may show certainly highly entertaining pics and videos to some of my domme friends over tea so we can have a giggle at your expense. ;-)

Other KHs have already said this on other parts of the forum, but as keyholders we generally all still have our own love lives and families. I do not starve for sex — I have a more than willing (and sexy) partner already… And in real life, my partner does nice things for me — buys me flowers, gives me massages, and just in general, treats me like a princess. Why then, would I expect anything less from a subbie that locks up and puts themselves under my control?

I will often get requests for people to lock them up for a month, or two, or three at a time. Often, these people want daily interaction, and they want tasks, and they expect it all for free! Well, no offense, but that sounds an awful lot like something you should be paying a pro-domme for… That goes well beyond the fun, hobbyist chastity interaction that I want to have here. That to me sounds much more like a job.

So for anyone who wishes to take any of my locks (already created or ones I will make), here is my expectation. Anything involving you being locked up for one week (seven days) or less, is free! Also, any lock that is longer than a week but requires NO interaction (i.e. NO tasks, photos, requests, card adjustments, games, KIK or Discord messages — just a simple holding only) is also free… The only stipulation is that you follow the universal rules below. If you DO wish to say thank you (the online equivalent of doing something nice for me like buying me flowers or a nice perfume), then that is always welcome. Purely optional, but certainly appreciated. If I ever do create an interaction-heavy or intensive lock that’s less than a week where a tribute is required, I will make it obvious and everyone will be made aware up-front. This includes custom sessions (see below).

Any lock that runs longer than a week and where you wish to have tasks, games, punishments, or interaction, I will expect that there is a minimum level of compensation for my time. Again, to reiterate, my intention is not to be a findomme. But these types of sessions DO take time out of my day that I could be spending on other things or people. It does take some creativity to try and make a fun, interactive session for you (and for me) and I want to know that I’m not just wasting my time. For that, I’m asking a tribute of $25 (USD) per week, payable by Amazon gift card. That’s about $3.50/day, or roughly the cost of a Starbucks latte. (So I’m not getting rich doing this, believe me). But it does ensure buy-in on your part too. There have been too many times where I’ve requested a lockee to perform a task and they stop communicating with me entirely and from what I can tell, abandon the lock. Which also leads me to think: were you even locked in the first place? That, my friends, is a huge waste of my time!

In terms of what you get for your tribute: my time. But at MY discretion. There is no minimum number of minutes of chat or number of messages or tasks or games. You are still playing MY game by my rules, and remain locked at my pleasure. There may be daily tasks or pic or verification requirements, (and often there will be) but I do reserve the right to keep you in the dark for a day or two as well. (Sometimes the silence is a punishment). There will also be NO refunds of any kind for any reason. This includes not being happy with the nature or frequency of tasks and games, or interactions. It also includes early releases (including those of medical, practical, or any other).

Lastly, I can also create a custom lock for anyone with the same considerations as above. If you require a custom lock (with or without interaction), I will request a min. $25 tribute. Again, this is so I’m not wasting my time with flakes who will unlock themselves with that hidden, spare key the moment they get horny. And if you do, then I’ve already got my end of the deal out of it and you’re only cheating yourself.

Any questions about this, I’m happy to clarify via PM. Please note that clarify does NOT mean negotiate. These items are not negotiable. If you don’t like my terms, then that is fine. Just move on and take a different lock from a different KH. There is no shortage of options here on the site. Every KH can make their own rules and decisions; these ones are mine.

General Rules & Expectations

1. No locks will be accepted that use the default CK username. If you haven’t set a username in the Chastikey app, you will be immediately released.
2. Multiple key holders are allowed but ONLY if you have permission from your existing KH to take one of my locks first. I reserve the right to verify this directly with your KH myself.
3. Emergency buyouts are strongly recommended. I do not turn this feature off on my end and I strongly recommend you do not do so either.
4. At all times, you will be respectful, courteous and polite. I will be addressed as Miss, Mistress, or Miss Eddie.
5. If I send you a message on the forum, Kik, or Discord, you are to reply in some way within 12 hours. Any longer delay will result in some form of punishment, and anything more than 24 hrs you will be immediately released from your lock without warning or question (or refund). Refusing to perform a task may be excused (but possibly still punished) but refusing to communicate one way or another will not.
6. Do not send pics (verification or otherwise) unless I’ve requested you to do so.
7. When loading a lock, please contact me by PM on the forum or via Kik or Discord. Tell me your expectations for the session, and indicate that you have read this document.
8. There are rumors that Miss Eddie is a switch. While that may be so, please do not make requests for switch games or power exchanges. I will seek out my own kinks on my own terms IF and when I want them. If they happen to include you, trust me — you’ll already know.
9. This document and these rules are subject to change or update if they aren’t working well.
10. Prior to loading ANY of Miss Eddie’s locks, you must send the following statement by PM (or Kik or Discord): I have read Miss Eddie’s House Rules and agree to abide by all the rules.

Thank you for reading, and happy locking!

Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Mess With Your Head
« on: August 22, 2018, 12:31:41 AM »
Feeling a bit playful today (in the same sense as a cat batting around a mouse she has already caught sort of way)...

Here is an hourly cumulative with max sliders on everything. You can load it and play it as-is (which I definitely do NOT recommend), or you can send me a PM or Kik message (preferred)... with the following information:

1) How long do you actually want to be locked for?

2) Do you want me to be nice, strict, or mean?

3) Do you want tasks to perform? Or are we strictly just key holding?  If yes, what are your limits? More info is helpful here too... Eg. Should I ask you to punish yourself? Humiliation task? Frustration task? Etc...

Other Rules:

1. No default (CK) usernames.
2. Multiple locks MUST be okayed by your other keyholder beforehand. (Be careful though. Sometimes even requesting this can incur the wrath of your Master/Mistress)
3. I may ask you to verify your lockup or a pic of your safe or where you are keeping your keys. But this is at MY whim — not yours. Do not send me pix unless I ask for them.
4. Pix of me (if any), once again, are at MY whim — not yours. I may or may not be inclined.
5. For anything more than just simple keyholding, please have Kik. Forum PMs are just too limiting.
6. Your safeword is using a purchased key. I stongly t commend you DON’T disable this on your end.
7. Ask any additional questions you may have BEFORE loading the lock. After you lock, you’re mine. 

P.S. “Nice” means you’ll probably get out before your requested max time. Or at least I’ll try. “Strict” means I will make every attempt to make your lockup as close to your intended max time as possible. “Mean” means I don’t give a f*** what you think. You are MINE and I’ll do as I please.

Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Lock deleted
« on: July 19, 2018, 02:32:47 AM »
This lock is no longer available.

Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / World Cup 2018 Final
« on: July 09, 2018, 03:37:44 PM »
Ok, naughty boys and girls. This is for those of you who have been following the big footy tournament. Think you know who’s going to win? Here’s your chance to make a wager on that.  8) I’m giving you nearly a week’s advance notice so you have a chance to extricate yourself from any lock you may be in currently or so you don’t get into another lock that may prevent you from playing this game.

Here’s what will happen. The lock you will load is a fixed lock for 30 days. If you have picked the correct team to win, I will release you the day after the game. Congratulations!

If your wager was wrong, then you are mine! You will serve the full 30-day sentence.

If your final predicted score was correct but the teams were wrong... 2 weeks till you get out.

Instructions & Rules

1. To take this locks you MUST Send me a PM or Kik message with the following information:

a) Your username in the Chastikey app (if different from your forum name)

b) Your prediction of the winning team (country)

c) Your prediction of the final score

2. You must be locked with the above info submitted BEFORE opening kickoff on Sunday morning (Sunday, July 15, 4pm BST / 6pm local time in Russia / 11am EDT)

3. Get in over your head? Purchase a key. Don’t ask to be released.

4. No default usernames and anyone I can’t match to a user on the forum will be deleted.

5. This lock will be deleted from my list exactly one month after the WC is over. So anyone not following the rules or locking up late will be on their own and/or ignored.

6. Multiple locks allowed only if given permission by your other KH. And if permission is given you will be subject to both sets of rules and I may choose to collaborate with your other KH to make things worse for you.

7. Pro-tip: don’t lock up too early...

Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Spanking Challenge
« on: May 18, 2018, 04:18:57 AM »
This week I feel like I need a bit of amusement.... so here’s the challenge.

Below you will find a lock for 100 days fixed (no cards). Now, you can stay locked up for the full duration if you want, OR punish yourself for my amusement to get free sooner.

1) For every day you spank / whip yourself (HARD) using an implement like: wooden spoon, paddle, riding crop, cane on your bare a**, I will take 1 day off your total lockup for each stroke administered, up to a maximum of 10 days (10 strokes) per 24hr period.

2) For every day you wear sexy panties, I will reduce your lockup by 5 days.

3) Photo proof of both of the above will be required. Proof of your lockup may be required periodically at my whim.

4) My interaction with you during this time is not guaranteed. I have a busy schedule the next while. This is mainly for MY amusement.

5) There may be additional time added or taken away at my whim,  based on your performance. Eg. If your a$$ doesn’t look red enough, I may add more time.

If you comply with both requests on a daily basis, you should be unlocked in just under a week (about 6 days by my calculation). If not, it may be (a lot) longer.

Further rules: no auto-generated usernames, no multiple locks allowed for this one. Failure to communicate with me within 12 hrs of me messaging you will result in game forefit and you will wait out the entire 100 days. Key buyouts ARE allowed, as are unlocks for emergencies or medical issues. Always play safe!

Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Lockup Dice Race Game
« on: May 09, 2018, 06:36:44 PM »
I’m back with another fun idea for whoever wants to try. It’s essentially a race. Your goal is to get unlocked as quickly as possible while my goal is to try and keep you locked as long as possible with the following rules and setup:

The game starts with:
- 6 reds
- 6 yellows
- 3 greens
- 1 purple
- 1 blue

Quarter-hourly lock (not cumulative)

Now here’s where things will get interesting. (Roughly) Every hour I will toss a standard D6 dice to add one card. Here’s what I will add:

1 = add green card
2 = add red card
3 = add yellow card
4 = add purple card
5 = add blue card
6 = add one of each card

I honestly have no idea how this will play out. I suspect that either you will get lucky early on and be out within an afternoon, but it may just go downhill quickly into something ridiculous.

So to prevent it from spiraling out of control, I will set the initial limit to 3 days. If you’re not out by then, we’ll say I’ve won and I’ll unlock you regardless of what cards are left. (Unless you really want to keep playing)...

Also, because I still have to work and have a life outside of Chastikey, if I miss an hour or two, I reserve the right to catch up with an additional dice roll, as needed.

Communication by PM or Kik.

Same rules apply as my other locks

- multiple locks ok as long as your other key holders have given you permission

- no system-generated usernames

- doesn’t have to be chastity. Can be locking up anything (like ice cream, cr dit card, tv remote, etc)

*edit: changed max lock time from “Friday” to “3 days”

Since I already offered this lock to another lockee privately, I thought I’d offer it to the rest of the people here.

Updated for ver. 2.4+.

I?m a bit of a D&D fan... except in this case D&D stands for.... Denial & Denial. Lol!!! We?ll be doing a bit of dice rolling.

- Fixed lock
- 4 hours
- upon locking, I will toss a d100 to determine how many HOURS you remain locked.

Then, to keep things interesting (and D&D themed) up to 2x/day (My time PST) I will throw a D20. If I roll a critical fail (natural 1), I will re-throw the D100 and add it to the original time. If I roll a natural 20, you will be rewarded.

- No tribute required for this lock

- you will not know the results of the dice roll

Same rules apply as for my other locks.

- No generic system-generated usernames
- willing to communicate & chat if I have time in my schedule.

Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Lock deleted
« on: May 07, 2018, 04:09:48 PM »
This lock is no longer available.

Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / 100 Your Way
« on: March 03, 2018, 09:13:37 PM »
101 cards

Up to 5 fake locks
quarter hourly (but not cumulative):

75 red
20 yellow
5 blue
1 green
101 total

Up to you how and how and how often you play... But since it's not cumulative, the more often you remember to play, the sooner you will be out (but there IS a minimum time you will be locked, so you probably want to shave off as many reds as you can even when you can't get the green yet)... Otherwise, it may be a while!  :-* But as the title implies... It's all up to you!

ChastiKey Chat / Not understanding fake locks
« on: March 01, 2018, 05:49:52 PM »
I’ve read the app help file and I think I understand the concept of having fake locks but I’m not clear on how/why anyone would want to use them.

Does it really frustrate you that much to be faked out if there’s no additional time?

I guess the only way I’d see it as making sense (and being truly evil) is if you had to use your 1 chance (or more if playing cumulative) to pick one of the locks and if you spend all your time tackling the fake one when you should’ve been trying the real one, would send you over the moon.

Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Resetmania 5 v2
« on: February 27, 2018, 11:49:29 PM »
Decided I’d try out making a shared lock. It’s called Resetmania 5 because there are:

5 reset cards
5 yellow cards
5 red cards

With an hourly play setting

This won’t be a long lock based on the few who have tried it. Should be out in under a day.

This is a somewhat tweaked version of the first one.

ChastiKey Chat / One quick suggestion
« on: February 21, 2018, 09:28:22 PM »
Just joined and took a lock, thanks to miss danni.  :) Now I’m probably stuck till the end of the day at least! Also, thanks for the friendly welcomes from other users.

As I was filling in my profile, I wonder if it could be considered to add a non-binary option for gender. Although I picked female, my identity is genderqueer/fluid amab. Probably. It a huge deal but may help people understand when viewing a profile.

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