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ChastiKey Chat / Shared Destiny
« on: September 04, 2020, 03:03:12 PM »
Some KHs, some Lokees like the idea of ​​shared destiny for exemple if a Lockee deserts, they all have days or cards added, If a Lockee completes a lock but lets the KH decide, all Lockees gain days  or fewer cards etc. 

It could be interesting To add a functionality as follows:

The KH could create one or more lists of Lockees (there can thus be several different mechanisms of shared destiny) for each list, the KH can choise one or more actions for example add  3 Yellow Cards + Add 3 Sticky or add 3 days and the KH decides when to trigger the action, and a message informs the Lockees that the Shared Destiny action has updated their lock. 
Or it could be an automatic one or two day freeze in a given period (for example 1 day per week or 2 days every 21 days limiting to 1 day per week to avoid abuse). 

All Lockees in the list would be impacted regardless of the lock which could give a group spirit, for example if everyone is frozen in case of desertion or everyone has days less if a Lockee decides to let KH  decide or if a Lockee fails a task and the KH adds cards / days, it will tend to weld the group even they aren't in the same Lock

ChastiKey Chat / Sugestion Archive for Olds Locks
« on: June 13, 2020, 01:07:10 PM »
Sometimes a Lockee finds somewhere at the bottom of the forum or somewhere else on the net an old lock which is no longer managed. 

So would it be possible.

  1.  If the creator of the lock has been banned (it may not be possible for old bans) to automatically display an alert message (for example "Warning, banished user, this lock is no longer managed, it is impossible  plan when you get out ")

 2.  In case the Keyholder has deleted this Lock from his list display an automatic alert message (for example: "Attention, the Keyholder has deleted this lock from his list, he can no longer manage it, please contact * Name of Keyholder  * on Discord, he / she will be able to offer you an equivalent lock)

 3. Create in Chastikey an "Old" or "Archive" space in which we could store the old locks, the Keyholder would have the possibility of releasing these old locks for certain occasions  (or even edit them to update them.)
 The Keyholder could be informed by a Flag (perhaps a red spot or another color of his choice if he is color blind) if a user has loaded an archive lock.  Configure an automatic message warning the user and asking him to contact the Keyholder before launching (perhaps associated with an automatic release to avoid a loading that the user could regret if the lock is not managed)

This would allow Keyholders to no longer worry about old locks while keeping the possibility of intervening if necessary.  And to focus only on active locks.

I'm looking for an evil KH, to lock me for a long time, I think it will be easy to double my record ... Or more ...

I wish the KH is a woman, who speaks French preferably but I can speak English (it's just harder for me).
Only 1 draw per day, not cumulative I would not have time to try my luck more often.

Naughty boys like me must be punished, right? :-X

ChastiKey Chat / How to interpret the emoji of the Bots ?
« on: May 09, 2019, 04:10:07 AM »

I created a variable lock with Zoe, early game, I shoot a Freeze card, I put an emoji smile  :) and a blue flag because for me everything is fine. There is an update of Zoe, I look at the information: They are hidden, No map information nor on the updates ... Ok it does not matter, when the time comes I draw another map , a Red one. A few hours later Zoe's new update and I notice that Zoe's Emoji has changed.

It's a surprise for me, I did not expect it, I find it cool a little interaction with the Bot.
Problem: These are not the Emoji that I usually see on my Smartphone and I really do not know how to interpret it ... There, she shows me her teeth and apparently it is not a smile, maybe a gender anger ... or Demon Laugh ...
So I put an even bigger smile  :D lol.

But is there somewhere a table allowing us to interpret Emoji Bots?
Decidely at most I discover your app, the more I love it!

Sorry for my bad English.

ChastiKey Chat / Suggestion improvement of the Bots.
« on: May 03, 2019, 01:14:48 AM »

Thanks to Kevin Cross for this wonderful app, I love it !!!

It is a very good idea to have added Bots, 2 Bots "nice" and 2 Bots "bad guys" it's really great, I love it!

But some submissives like their Keyholder to be really mean and respect no rules.

We could either add new settings for that or why not create a Bot "Demonic".
It would have all the classic settings of other bots but in addition we could add a Fair Play slider allowing for example the bot to cheat randomly with the cards.
Start of cursor = No cheat ... End of cursor = Maximum cheat.
Similarly, a slider for exceeding the imprisonment time could be added:
Start of cursor = No overflow. End of the cursor = Timeout can randomly go up to 3 or 5 times the initial maximum time (it is necessary to impose a limit ... even to those who are very very Maso lol).
There could be a demon (sexy lol) or a devil (sexy).

Of course, choosing a Demon Bot would trigger a warning message that this Bot does not respect anything and especially not the comfigured time at the start.

The draw of a red card or a Doubling card could trigger a sarcastic message or a teasing, short video or annoying Gif from the bot who is having a good time with another Bot saying a phrase like "You see the pleasure that I can have with my friend ... But with you, it's not possible, your little ridiculous bird is locked in his cage ... And even if he was not in a cage and I was a real woman ... you could not do me much, your cock is too small ... "(yes I know it's humiliating but it's a Demonic bot ^^)

If the time of imprisonment exceeds the time initially envisaged, the Bot could say a sentence like "You thought to be released today But No, you belong to me and I will release you only when I would decide it" And why not add with humor "Who could have imagined that one day a human would become the slave of a Bot ah ah ah ah!"

Please excuse me for my bad English, I'm not used to speaking in a language other than French ...

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