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I'm looking for an evil KH, to lock me for a long time, I think it will be easy to double my record ... Or more ...

I wish the KH is a woman, who speaks French preferably but I can speak English (it's just harder for me).
Only 1 draw per day, not cumulative I would not have time to try my luck more often.

Naughty boys like me must be punished, right? :-X

ChastiKey Chat / How to interpret the emoji of the Bots ?
« on: May 09, 2019, 04:10:07 AM »

I created a variable lock with Zoe, early game, I shoot a Freeze card, I put an emoji smile  :) and a blue flag because for me everything is fine. There is an update of Zoe, I look at the information: They are hidden, No map information nor on the updates ... Ok it does not matter, when the time comes I draw another map , a Red one. A few hours later Zoe's new update and I notice that Zoe's Emoji has changed.

It's a surprise for me, I did not expect it, I find it cool a little interaction with the Bot.
Problem: These are not the Emoji that I usually see on my Smartphone and I really do not know how to interpret it ... There, she shows me her teeth and apparently it is not a smile, maybe a gender anger ... or Demon Laugh ...
So I put an even bigger smile  :D lol.

But is there somewhere a table allowing us to interpret Emoji Bots?
Decidely at most I discover your app, the more I love it!

Sorry for my bad English.

ChastiKey Chat / Suggestion improvement of the Bots.
« on: May 03, 2019, 01:14:48 AM »

Thanks to Kevin Cross for this wonderful app, I love it !!!

It is a very good idea to have added Bots, 2 Bots "nice" and 2 Bots "bad guys" it's really great, I love it!

But some submissives like their Keyholder to be really mean and respect no rules.

We could either add new settings for that or why not create a Bot "Demonic".
It would have all the classic settings of other bots but in addition we could add a Fair Play slider allowing for example the bot to cheat randomly with the cards.
Start of cursor = No cheat ... End of cursor = Maximum cheat.
Similarly, a slider for exceeding the imprisonment time could be added:
Start of cursor = No overflow. End of the cursor = Timeout can randomly go up to 3 or 5 times the initial maximum time (it is necessary to impose a limit ... even to those who are very very Maso lol).
There could be a demon (sexy lol) or a devil (sexy).

Of course, choosing a Demon Bot would trigger a warning message that this Bot does not respect anything and especially not the comfigured time at the start.

The draw of a red card or a Doubling card could trigger a sarcastic message or a teasing, short video or annoying Gif from the bot who is having a good time with another Bot saying a phrase like "You see the pleasure that I can have with my friend ... But with you, it's not possible, your little ridiculous bird is locked in his cage ... And even if he was not in a cage and I was a real woman ... you could not do me much, your cock is too small ... "(yes I know it's humiliating but it's a Demonic bot ^^)

If the time of imprisonment exceeds the time initially envisaged, the Bot could say a sentence like "You thought to be released today But No, you belong to me and I will release you only when I would decide it" And why not add with humor "Who could have imagined that one day a human would become the slave of a Bot ah ah ah ah!"

Please excuse me for my bad English, I'm not used to speaking in a language other than French ...

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