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While I do love holding the keys to over 600 of you at once I think it's about time I had some fun and choose the settings for a lock without your input.

To start things off and to celebrate Yellow Pig Day I've created a lock with 17 of each colour. Yep, it's the only lock that has more than the maximum 10 greens, 10 double ups and 10 resets. Thanks @KevinCross!

It's an hourly lock but seeing as you have to find 17 greens before you find any of the 17 resets you could be in it for quite a few days, hopefully longer!

And if that wasn't enough I'll still be modifying your lock for my own amusement. Don't worry it won't be 17 cards at a time.

Enjoy and good luck


I'm sharing it early so that you have time to free yourself from other locks. You can start it early, and if you're lucky you might be free on the 17th.

It has been tested. I unlocked them after 56 hours. I did feel a bit sorry for them. It is funny seeing you get close to 17 greens and then revealling a reset card over and over again ;D

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