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ChastiKey Chat / Python ChastiKey lock generator
« on: August 12, 2019, 11:13:53 AM »
I've created a simple python script which generates random variable lock card set ups, saves them to a datafile and gives you the option to search that data for locks that meet the desired duration you're after. To get the best results it's good to generate a good number of locks, but they don't need to be generated all in one go (regularly with small numbers is best). Generating a 1,000 locks in one go can take a little while.

The file that comes with the script shows how to call the different function/commands that are available. And here's a simple example without all of the comments that will generate 10 locks, and then search those 10 locks for one that lasts between 4 and 10 hours. That's a duration of 7 hours but with a variation of 3 hours either side. You may not get any matches the first time you run it, but each time you generate new locks you're adding to the existing locks that you created previously which is improving the chance of finding that perfect lock.

Code: [Select]
import ChastiKey as ck

chastikey = ck.ChastiKey()
chastikey.SearchLocks(regularity=1, duration=7, variation=3, number_of_locks=1)

This was something I created while travelling when I couldn't really work on the main ChastiKey app.

ChastiKey Chat / ChastiKey connection problems
« on: July 09, 2019, 12:07:44 AM »
I am aware that there are issues with the app that have been getting worse over the last couple of weeks.

It's now reached a point where I'm having trouble getting it up and running properly. It's suffering from too many connections and the SQL service is maxing out the server CPU.

I am looking into it. Apologies for the inconvenience and frustrations this is causing

ChastiKey Chat / Version 2.4.3 Released
« on: January 12, 2019, 02:28:22 PM »

Version 2.4.3 has now been released on Android and awaiting review on iOS

Here's a full list of changes:

  • Lock estimations now work with bot decide options chosen.
  • Improved the chances of "Let keyholder decide" option registering correctly so that the keyholder see's that you're awaiting their decision (hopefully).
  • Improved lock updates.
  • Fixed a bug where revealing a red card with at least one accumulated chance remaining would sometimes trigger an unlock.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to get the minimum values higher than the maximum values and vice versa when creating a new lock.
  • Fixed a bug where fixed lock completed notifications were triggering too early.
  • Fixed a bug where freezing a fixed lock would say the user wouldn't be able to pick any cards.
  • Fixed a bug where the total time frozen on a fixed lock wasn't calculating correctly on the keyholder side which was sometimes briefly flagging the lock as completed on their side.
  • Fixed a bug where ticker text wasn't cycling properly for keyholders on fixed locks.


ChastiKey Chat / Version 2.4.2 Released
« on: December 21, 2018, 07:03:18 PM »

Version 2.4.2 has now been released on Android. I'm experiencing a problem with publishing the iOS version and have contacted Apple so that won't be available for a few days at least. I will update you once I have news.

Here's a full list of changes:

  • New 'Go Again' card added to help hide the true number of cards in play when card information is hidden.
  • When creating and loading variable locks you will now see an estimate of the lock length. The app will run the lock through a simulation 100 times within a second or so and return the best, average, and worst times.
  • Keyholder name now shows above the lock information after scanning/loading the QR code.
  • You can now share and load locks with URLs.
  • Rating of users now have to be given within 1 week of the lock finishing. Once rated you have 24 hours to change/correct the rating.
  • Keyholders can filter users that are awaiting a rating on completed/abandoned locks.
  • Improved lock updates.
  • Shared fixed locks created with timer hidden now hide the time on the QR code screen and when loading.
  • Fixed a bug where large red card countdown would show negative numbers.
  • Fixed locks shouldn't unlock when the time reaches zero if there's a keyholder update to action.
  • Fixed a bug where the random combination screen sometimes showed a timer greater than 60 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug where QR codes would falsely show "Keyholder Limitations Removed" on fixed locks.
  • Fixed a page number bug on the card picking screen.
  • Fixed a bug where shared locks with keys disabled were being created with keys enabled.


ChastiKey Chat / Chat inside ChastiKey
« on: December 14, 2018, 07:13:19 PM »
Chat and private messaging users within the app is something that's been requested for a long time. There has been a number of reasons why I've been holding off adding it for so long. The main reason is security and responsibility. I wouldn't be able to create something that's secure/encrypted and I don't want to be responsible for a database full of open/unencrypted messages.

Now that we've moved over to Discord I've been looking for ways to connect ChastiKey and Discord so that you can find users in the ChastiKey in the app and then open a DM in Discord to that user. I've spent quite a lot of time trying to get this working and hours of reading through google searches and the official API documentation and it just doesn't seem possible. There may be a Discord developer amongst us that has a lot more experience and says that it can be done, but I'm struggling.

What I have been able to do with Discord is ask the user to give permission to access their Discord user account which gives me access to their username, user id, and avatar. It does give me access to other things like your email address but I'm actually only interested in the user id. I can't use the avatar becausae when I do add the option for avatars I will need a way to approve them manually so that there aren't any images that are likely to get the app removed from the stores. So there won't be any dick pic avatars in ChastiKey.

Once I have your user id I plan to save it in the ChastiKey database on the same row as your ChastiKey account user id and use that to generate and show a button on your ChastiKey profile which will say something like "View my Discord profile". When a user views your ChastiKey profile (you can't view each others profiles at the moment) they will see the button click on it and it will open Discord and show your Discord profile i.e. and from that page they can choose to send you a DM. The DM will be written directly in Discord so all that I will have saved in the ChastiKey database is your user id which looks like this 473856245166506014. I won't have access to any of your private messages in Discord.

I can also add other social network and chat app buttons to your profile like Twitter, Facebook, and Kik so that users have more ways of finding and contacting you.

What do you all think of that? To not build a messaging system from scratch (I would have too as I can't add 3rd party SDK's/scripts) but instead offer you ways to communicate with each other using other apps.

ChastiKey Chat / Server Migration Plans
« on: November 24, 2018, 10:27:46 AM »
On December 2nd of December at 10AM GMT I will be moving the app to the new server.

In order to do that I will need to turn off the service for a few hours so if you?re creating new locks that need to end during that time then please make sure that they would finish before then.

There is a chance that this could take longer than planned, or problems are encountered where the move would have to be cancelled and put back to another date. If that happens the old server will still exist, so the move will be reversed and the app will continue running on the old server for a little while longer.

The server move will not require an app update, so when the app is moved over you will still be using 2.4.1 or lower where some of the keyholder lock update problems will still exist (i.e. keyholder freeze/unfreeze not always registering). However once the app is running on the new server and everything seems to be ok I will release version 2.4.2 for beta testing where the keyholder lock updates seem to be improved.

Please check Discord or the forum for any new announcements related to the server move before and during the migration


ChastiKey Chat / Version 2.4.2 Work In Progress
« on: November 10, 2018, 11:33:39 PM »
This thread will show some of the new features and fixes coming in the next version (version 2.4.2)

So far I've fixed about 3 bugs, and I've hopefully improved the lock updates that weren't always registering properly so the keyholder and lockee were seeing different things. I've still got to do some testing with this one and it's still not going to be 100% perfect. This did get a bit messy, and required me rolling back to 2.4.1 and starting again.

I've also added in the option to share locks via URL links. In the screenshot attached you will see there's two ways of sharing the lock now, the QR code way, or with a URL link which looks like this:

Clicking the link will open the app and load the shared lock information for you to pick the available options. I've wanted this in the app for a long time.

I've got every Friday and Monday off from work now until the middle of December so will use a lot of those to work on this.

ChastiKey Chat / ChastiKey API
« on: November 06, 2018, 10:44:13 PM »

I've amended the API to use user id on the URLs instead of the token meaning anyone can easily work with this without requiring a token from me. I'm hoping with the more people that play around with it the more feedback and suggestions I'd get to help improve it.

I've produced a page of documentation here

I've left the v0.1 and v0.2 folder and files as they are incase anyone is using them, but going forwards please disregard the last forum post discussing the ChastiKey API.

Let me know what you think.

ChastiKey Chat / Version 2.4.1 Released
« on: October 21, 2018, 12:27:18 PM »

Version 2.4.0 has now released. It will be available on Android within the next couple of hours. iOS will take a few days to be approved by Apple.

Here's a full list of changes:

  • Yellow cards now show as large cards when revealed and require you to tap to continue adding/removing red cards.
  • Shared locks now require default CKU usernames to be changed before you can load them.
  • Fixed locks won't show that you're frozen by keyholder if the timer is hidden.
  • The last page number you were on is remembered after each shuffle.
  • You can now create a variable lock without red cards.
  • You can now set 0 as the minimum for reds, freeze, double ups, and reset cards.
  • You can now set 1 as the minimum number of greens cards for multiple greens required locks.
  • You can now copy and paste user ids on the Restore Account screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the number of chances were sometimes higher than the actual number after a freeze card finishes.
  • Fixed a bug where the greens found count was lost when restoring account.
  • Fixed a bug where updates were in the lock information window wasn't being cleared properly when restoring an account.


ChastiKey Chat / New Roadmap for ChastiKey
« on: October 14, 2018, 10:37:54 AM »
I've updated the roadmap for ChastiKey by grouping changes into 3 priorities: High, Medium, and Low.

I've removed a few that have been on the list for a while that I felt probably weren't that important but those still exist on another list I have of things to look at.

This doesn't contain every suggestion and idea put forward.

What do you think of the priorities and the new roadmap?

ChastiKey Chat / Version 2.4.0 Released
« on: October 14, 2018, 09:38:10 AM »

Version 2.4.0 has now been officially released. It should be available on Android now. iOS will take a few days to be approved by Apple.

Here's a full list of changes:

  • Speed improvements throughout.
  • New card designs.
  • Lock information is now displayed on the QR code screen.
  • Lockees can filter their locks.
  • Coloured flags that can be filtered on.
  • More lock options.
  • Let keyholder decide once the lock has finished if you can unlock or reset and start again.
  • Freeze card introduced. Once revealed the lock is frozen for 2 to 4 times the draw time. So for example if you pick a card each hour, the lock will be frozen for 2 to 4 hours. Once frozen you can’t do anything but wait.
  • Keyholders can freeze a lock for as long as they choose (only if they have been trusted).
  • More time intervals for variable locks: 15M, 30M, 1H, 3H, 6H, 12H, and 24H.
  • Alphanumeric combinations added.
  • The app can read the combinations to you when they are being randomly displayed on the screen when creating a new lock.
  • Keyholders can rate users that have completed or abandoned their locks.
  • The app now checks for lock updates every minute when on the list of lock screens.
  • Keyholders can now see who you’re locked with if you have multiple keyholders and you’re on their lock.
  • Keyholders can create shared locks that block users from loading if they have active locks running already.
  • News page added for future announcements about ChastiKey.


Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Locktober Locks
« on: September 28, 2018, 06:18:38 PM »
Who's free and ready for Locktober? If you're looking for a lock, here's just some of the locks created by our keyholders to help keep you locked for the month and possibly through some of NOvember too.

Please feel free to pick and load one first thing on the 1st of October.

For each one I've provided details on how to contact each keyholder if you need to discuss things before-hand (apart from Zoe, she don't like PM's).

If anyone else has a Locktober lock please PM me the QR code and I'll add it to this post before the 1st of October. This post will be a sticky during October.

Discord: oO LadyOo

Discord: EmpressKatie

Discord: PrincessSatin

Discord: SheerLockHolmes

Not contactable

ChastiKey Chat / Forum badges/groups/roles
« on: September 19, 2018, 01:24:57 PM »
I'm at work not able to do much programming at the moment so thought I'd put a post up asking for some ideas on badges, groups and roles you'd like to see or be included in on the forum (and maybe eventually the app).

Badges if I can get them included (not even designed them yet) will show underneath your name on each post like the little yellow pips. I will also look at including the same badges to the tickers for the users that have those badges. And also on your profile page in the app once that side of the app is built on.

At the moment I've come up with one extra group called "Established Keyholders", and was thinking an extra one would be needed for all other keyholders. I haven't decided on what makes a keyholder established and may base it on number of positive ratings etc. similar to the data shown in the Keyholder Ratings page here and them being active on the forums and/or discord by sharing locks.

I may add more to the established group soon, but I think you'll agree that two added so far are certainly established @Miss Katie and @PrincessSatin

Anyway, back to the original question, what extra badges/groups would you like to see, and which ones would you like to be included in?

This isn't taking priority over 2.4.0

Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Self Bondage Tips & Safety
« on: August 29, 2018, 10:14:54 AM »
I'm probably not the best person to provide tips as I don't really practice self bondage but most of this is probably common sense:

  • Don't jump on a self bondage lock or a short lock that you're going to use for self bondage until you've spoken to the keyholder and feel that they could be trusted to let you out in an emergency if needed. If you're using a bot for self bondage then you obviously can't talk to them before hand, but you can message me if you run into problems with it. But you will have to understand that I'm not always near a computer.
  • Don't load a lock for bondage where the emergency key is disabled. I'm going to update the app so that emergency keys can't be disabled on a lock if it's set up to run for less than 24 hours. This change may only work on newly created locks though.
  • If you don't want to pay the small emergency key buy out fee then keep a backup key near by, or plan ahead how you're going to get out of it if you're abandoned by your keyholder, or you've loaded it at a time when they might be asleep etc.

I will help where I can but as mentioned above I can't always be at a computer and sometimes you might have to wait a further 20 minutes or more before I can help, depending where I am or where I'm going if I'm travelling.

It stops being fun when you're putting your life at risk.

If anyone else has some useful tips then please mention them below to help newcomers to the app and/or self bondage.

ChastiKey Chat / Finding shared locks from within the app (idea)
« on: August 21, 2018, 11:44:02 AM »
Anyone wanting a way to search for shared locks from within the app? My thinking here is that you fill in the form as normal when setting up the lock (or most of the normal settings) and then it will find all shared locks that are very similar.

The keyholder would decide if they want to make their lock available to anyone that's searching for a lock because not every keyholder wants more users, for example those that play privately with their partners only.

I don't know how to decide what's similar when there's so many options to choose from when creating a lock.

Originally I wanted everyone to share the locks publicly to help attract new users and spread the word, but now that it's got a nice following and getting a little established I'm thinking that making it easier in the app will also help new keyholders build a following.

If you've got any other ideas on how to it would be best to search for shared locks then please share below.

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