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I’m freeeee!!

Thank you @curriouslhock for a great lock!  Was a lot of fun and can’t wait to see more locks from you!

polls have closed! with 8 votes mystery wins! @Sidlicious @puppydog99x @ByDaBalls @UrFortune @Littleman @lockedrm @Peaky77 @Minotaur @subjo
so the person with the least amount of time in each set of locks gets to swap times.... with the person with the most i will update @UrFortune and @Sidlicious from lock 1-10 @Peaky77 and @lockedrm from 11-20 in a moment....@Minotaur @subjo as you are both the only two playing this part of the lock in your sets so this poll doesn't work for you so I special game for you. you must select another number in your set and guess higher or lower than your original time if your right it will be removed from your time if your wrong it will be added!!!! hope your all having a great evening. lhock (will do another poll next week)

28, lower

Every little bit helps I guess 😂

sorry for not being around today to deal with locks and stuff. hope you all enjoyed your number picks and have had a good day all your locks have been updated now in line with your picks. right down to business @Peaky77 welcome back to the lock seems i cant keep you away! you picked 20 that means @Sidlicious @puppydog99x @ByDaBalls @UrFortune @Littleman @alnath @lockedrm @Minotaur @subjo the first 3 of you to post "thank you sir" on the forum will have 6hrs removed from your lock! the rest will have 12hrs added. poll closes at 8pm bst tonight as well. lhock

@curriouslhock thank you sir

@lockedrm welcome to the Iock will hide your time and update it shortly! As for the rest of you@Sidlicious @puppydog99x @ByDaBalls @UrFortune @Littleman @alnath @Peaky77 @Minotaur @subjo you have 12hrs to post a number between 1 and 10 by now you should know the drill! 4 of the numbers will just add or remove time 2 will freeze you for certain time, 2 will change you time ( 1 will make your time the min of your set the other will make it the max) 1 number will reset you and 1! Will unlock you!!! If you don't select a number in 12hrs I will freeze your lock till the next person joins

2 please

@opsequium @Sidlicious @puppydog99x @ByDaBalls @UrFortune @Littleman @alnath @Peaky77 @Minotaur @LockMe iv made some changes to the lock to make it more interesting once you are in the lock. there will now be a poll system run every few days what ever is most voted for by you and the community will be applied to the locks! as this is a major change to the lock that you signed up for this wont be applied to your locks! if you do wish to play with the new poll mechanic please let me know that you opt in!
please read the forum post for details before deciding. i hope you are all living your best chaste life and will be missing one of you terribly in 26hrs ;)

@curriouslhock count me in

@Minotaur just about to sleep will sort the lock in a few hours when I get up but enjoy

@curriouslhock no problem. i'm good with check ins, surprise time adjustments, etc too or other tweaks you want to throw in. Lol

I loaded the lock.  Can you put me down for #24 please (not hidden)?

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