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Thank you for a nice lock. @curriouslhock

I guess 26 days 12 hours.

Thank you for the additional time. I have no idea when I will be unlocked. 🤣

Thank you @curriouslhock and all oll of you for letting me be the last unlocked one. 😂

I am free now, but I'd like be lock a bit more. @curriouslhock, I chose a surprise me option. Thank you for a wonderful lock.

Thank you for the update. Hopefully, the winner is me.
@Peaky77 @lockedrm @subjo @Minotaur @puppydog99x @UrFortune @ByDaBalls

Polls are closed and Votes are counted the decision is one lockee has there time cut in half! time removed is added evenly amongst the other 6 lockees! I will use a random number generator to pick the lucky winner I won't reveal the winner as its much more fun for all the hidden lockees to not know if they just halfed there time or if they just had a load added. Lhock

40, lower
polls have closed! with 8 votes mystery wins! @Sidlicious @puppydog99x @ByDaBalls @UrFortune @Littleman @lockedrm @Peaky77 @Minotaur @subjo
so the person with the least amount of time in each set of locks gets to swap times.... with the person with the most i will update @UrFortune and @Sidlicious from lock 1-10 @Peaky77 and @lockedrm from 11-20 in a moment....@Minotaur @subjo as you are both the only two playing this part of the lock in your sets so this poll doesn't work for you so I special game for you. you must select another number in your set and guess higher or lower than your original time if your right it will be removed from your time if your wrong it will be added!!!! hope your all having a great evening. lhock (will do another poll next week)

8 please
@lockedrm welcome to the Iock will hide your time and update it shortly! As for the rest of you@Sidlicious @puppydog99x @ByDaBalls @UrFortune @Littleman @alnath @Peaky77 @Minotaur @subjo you have 12hrs to post a number between 1 and 10 by now you should know the drill! 4 of the numbers will just add or remove time 2 will freeze you for certain time, 2 will change you time ( 1 will make your time the min of your set the other will make it the max) 1 number will reset you and 1! Will unlock you!!! If you don't select a number in 12hrs I will freeze your lock till the next person joins

36 (hidden), please
when you load this lock you must post a number chosen from the list bellow each set of numbers i.e. 1-10 11-20 have a different min-max time so pick a set that has a maximum time that you are comfortable with, you must not pick a number chosen by another lockee! if you do not pick a number or pick a number someone else has chosen you will be unlocked immediately! lock is a fixed lock starts with 24hrs but then the number you picked will come into play I have made 10 different times for each set of locks I have randomised the times and given them a number so numbers and amounts are randomised within each set of locks. if you wish for your time to be hidden inform me when you pick your number. each number also has a hidden trap/treasure card that wont effect you but will all the current users some cards do nice things like remove time some do bad things like add and some just mess with people like swapping there times with each other(within a set! not all the locks). when you post your number selection if you have a hard limit to the time you want to be locked up for as times can go up and down due the hidden cost/gains please inform me. the amounts are as follows:

first 10 all taken!
1 day (no time will be added)
1 week
2 days
2 weeks
3 days
3 weeks
4 days
4 weeks
5 days
5 weeks

chosen numbers: number picked corresponds to a random! amount of time from above!
1. @opsequium
2. @Sidlicious poll applies
3. @kiSubbie  unlocked (4 days picked)
4. @furlocker     unlocked!  (1 day picked! lucky)
5. @puppydog99x poll applies
6. @ByDaBalls  poll applies
7. @UrFortune  poll applies
8. @LockMe    unlocked!    (2 days Picked)
9. @Littleman poll applies
10. @alnath poll applies

new set of numbers same rules as above but 3 sets of different difficulty's

11-20 easy lock (min-12hrs) (max-1 week)
possible times:

12 hrs.
1 day.
2 days.
2 days 12 hrs.
3 days.
3 days 12 hrs.
4 days.
6 days.
6 days 12hrs.

15. @Peaky77 poll applies

21-30 medium lock (min-1 day) (max-4 weeks)
possible times:

1 day.
2 days.
5 days.
1 week.
10 days.
2 weeks.
15 days
3 weeks.
25 days.
4 weeks.

24. @Minotaur poll applies

31-40 hard lock (min-1 week) (max-12 weeks)
possible times:

1 week.
2 weeks.
3 weeks.
4 weeks.
5 weeks.
6 weeks.
8 weeks.
9 weeks.
10 weeks.
12 weeks.

39. @LockMe
post your "number"(hidden) if you want to keep your time a mystery

do not post how much I added to the forum as it will ruin the surprise at least until all 10 slots are filled! anyone posting there time on here will have the time of all ten locks added to there time on top of the number they picked! any questions of if you are in any of my locks and need of rescue or word of encouragement I can be contacted via discord: curriouslhock#3631 I don't seem to get messages or chat a lot on here

Request / Share / Exchange ChastiKey Locks / Re: Cagefight
« on: January 30, 2021, 02:42:37 PM »
Hi everyone and welcome to Cagefight vol. 1!

In this game our 10 contestants will battle against each other for their chance of freedom.
The rules are simple. Everyone starts this lock with a fixed time of 30 days. Every day you can choose one other contestant to gamble for your remaining days.
For both of them a 6 sided die will be rolled. The difference between these rolls will be the days you can win. The higher number wins and his time will be reduced. The loser will get these days added.
There is also a high risk option which will double all of your results, positive or negative. It will also double your results when someone challenges you.
Everyone who did not vote for an opponent for the next round will play against the keymaster. This will always be a high risk roll and he rolls 2 dice and chooses the higher one. Also you cannot reduce your time with the keymaster, so the best result you can hope for is that no days will be added.
So better vote everyday.

I will post the daily results here and after that you have 24 hours to vote for the next round.
Also the lock starts frozen until we have enough contestans.

I'd like to join the game.

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