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Free, 44 hours this time (my 2nd), so 5 hours more than the first time.

Thank you Miss Lea  :)

Unfrozen now but hidden timer, no idea how long I will be locked, it's quite exciting (and a little uncomfortable at the moment!  :) ), thank you Miss Lea.

General Chat / Re: Padlocks
« on: June 04, 2020, 01:16:40 AM »
Thanks Sir S

Lockbox arrived today (yesterday now technically) so I'm testing it out now.


This time I got caught in 3 minutes!  This clearly isn't the time to catch her out... ;D

General Chat / Re: Padlocks
« on: June 02, 2020, 02:28:16 PM »
I think I'm going to answer my own question here, they all look a bit bulky so I think I will buy one of those lockboxes with a 4 digit combination lock and put the keys for a normal padlock in there.

General Chat / Padlocks
« on: June 02, 2020, 12:32:27 PM »

This has probably been discussed before, sorry if it has, I couldn't find a discussion though.

What is a good, small 4-digit padlock?


Lock just released, 39 hours. Thank you Miss Lea, a fun game, I will certainly try to escape you again! :)

I'm going to have a five minute break from work now, for, er, reasons...  ;D

It wasn't a warning, just information. I don't regret a thing, haha.

 :) Fair enough.

Miss Lea has just updated my lock, the timer is now hidden, wonder what that means for the length of my caging?.

Kinda. You're 3 hours from release or knowing you have one or two days left to go. Or you can do what I did, message her and somehow end up on 11 days while you impatiently await her return...  ;)

Ok  :) Thank for the reply, and the warning, I won't be messaging her then!

Guess it's a plastic CB of HT? I used to use a square of folded TP to close up the opening and keep everything protected. Just remember it's there when you need to pee, or it'll cause a mess....

It's actually a cheap metal one, but that idea is a good one thank you, my idea was to put a balloon on the end of it but yours is much better!

So, if I've read things correctly, I am potentially 3 hours away for being released by Miss Lea (or 3 hours away from knowing I have another day to wait)?

As an aside, I went for a walk this evening and my foreskin was poking out from the end of the cage and kept rubbing on my pants, getting quite sore. Does this happen to anyone else and what solutions have you come up with?

Oh, spoke too soon, nearly escaped but looks like I've been captured!

My lock has now been frozen with 1 min and 9 seconds left, what happens now?

New here, thought I'd give this a go (hope that is OK and I'm not supposed to do anything beforehand). Looks like I'm going to slip through the noose, as it were.  :)

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