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Queen Lead unfroze me with 40 minutes left and has now froze me with 45 seconds to go... I have never been so eager to get out! I do thank you for keeping me under your control Lea, loving every aching minute.

This kind of thing is why I love being locked by her. I envy the thrill you got being denied so close to escape, hh. ;D

I wonder if 45 seconds is enough time for her to unfreeze and refreeze you?

Hello, I am new here and have already read a few posts here. Unfortunately I have not yet fully understood how the lock works. How can I escape or what do I have to do while the lock is running? Excuse me if I ask so "stupid"

For four hours you will wait to see if Léa sees your lock, and if she does she'll add more time to it. If not, after four hours you'll be free... but she's a machine, and catches most people.

Some people message her which means you're probably going to get more time, or ask for more time here so she knows how they want her to treat them. Or you can just wait for her to update the lock, which is often a very good tease itself as her timing is... sometimes cruel. Haha.

I hope she catches you, you'll have fun.  ;D

Right now I have a situation where I have been given 2 rules, and if Léa doesn't come back before 6pm, following the rule due then will break the other... I think I will choose to break the 6pm rule, as the punishment for breaking the last one was +4 days...

No win scenario...

I hope I'll make the right choice.

Edit: Léa just reset my lock. I'm on 6 days, and this means at least two more as she never removes time only adds... I wonder if its because I broke a rule or just because she felt like it. Either way, it's got me horny, and blue balled AF.

I had a similar experience. I was watching the counter get close to zero, which it did, then later I got an alert saying the lock was frozen when it had already been unlocked.

Maybe it couldn't update because I was watching the timer?

Ok  :) Thank for the reply, and the warning, I won't be messaging her then!

It wasn't a warning, just information. I don't regret a thing, haha.

So, if I've read things correctly, I am potentially 3 hours away for being released by Miss Lea (or 3 hours away from knowing I have another day to wait)?

Kinda. You're 3 hours from release or knowing you have one or two days left to go. Or you can do what I did, message her and somehow end up on 11 days while you impatiently await her return...  ;)

As an aside, I went for a walk this evening and my foreskin was poking out from the end of the cage and kept rubbing on my pants, getting quite sore. Does this happen to anyone else and what solutions have you come up with?

Guess it's a plastic CB of HT? I used to use a square of folded TP to close up the opening and keep everything protected. Just remember it's there when you need to pee, or it'll cause a mess....

omg i need this feeling!! i need it soon

Yes, me too... but in the meantime, we'll have to get used to feeling like this each morning when we wake up:


Ah, the timer is on Display.
57 Minutes to go!
Lock is open!
Thank u very much, good work Miss Lea!

As she'd re-enabled the timer I had expected her to add more time just before it unlocked, just to mess with you, haha! Guess you got lucky.

Léa must be in a good mood today.  ;D


Nice to see a hard line being taken on dishonesty!

Yeah, she is fair but also very, very strict, which is what makes her an amazing keyholder.

She punished me harshly for annoying her, but I was warned. She is teaching me to be a much better lockee, and pushing my limits further than I thought I could go - already 3 times longer than I ever achieved. I feel lucky to have chosen this lock on a whim. If I'd known before that 4 hours or two days would become 11+ days, I wouldn't have locked, but now that I know what it's like, I'd do it all over again... but maybe not piss her off so much, haha.


Holy shit, 17 hr now..😬
Morning wood is killing me....

25 hrs now, and Miss Lea is offline again...🥴

Torture, isn't it? The earliest I'm getting out now is Sunday, and her absence makes it feel even longer...

will be my first lock... hopefully not a mistake :)

Hmm.. posted 15 mins after saying pretty much the same thing to emmakajira? You can't be telling the truth in both threads!

Ooooooh, cheeky!

Yep, you can ask for my decision when the lock will be over, and hope you will do ~~

I will then. I guess the moment of denying or releasing someone is more fun for you if you can anticipate it.  ;)

Mmmm Lea pulls no punches.  ;)

Yeah, she's great  ;D

Only 2 or 3 days... It's not the end of the world 😇

Unless one offers to not use that limit

Does this lock give the option to let the keyholder decide at the end?


Should I be scared?

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