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Well, I’ve learned a lot. Had a nice vacation, picked the 8th Green card today. I have a day or two to continue the vacation so I picked 50/50. I assumed the “downside’ would be putting the Green back in the pack and reshuffling. 
Well, I’ve been wrong before. I found that the downside of 50/50 is what I got: a complete restart. Wow!

So I’ll hang in there literally, for an extended vacation a couple more days, but then I e got to travel again and it’s tough to travel locked up in steel. So unless I get very lucky I’ll be buying an emergency unlock key from Kevin. Don’t take it as a dislike of your lock. It has been lots of fun. It’s just due to my own lack of knowledge about the effects of the 50/50 choice.

ChastiKey Chat / Re: Suggestion
« on: August 17, 2019, 06:02:39 AM »
Thanks, Kevin and DogMike —
Two really good suggestions. I’m so new I haven’t read through all the conversations, though I knew it had to have one up before. 
This gives me the help I need to get secure locking from the start.

ChastiKey Chat / Suggestion
« on: August 15, 2019, 05:29:54 AM »
What an awesome app this is!  Thanks for your efforts developing and maintaining it. I need help though. After a combination is generated, the harder I try to forget the numbers, the more imbedded they become in my mind. I never feel like the look is completely locked because I remember one or more numbers.
Any suggestions on how to totally forget?  I don’t have someone to set the combo for me.
For several years I used the Photo Time Lock app. It isn’t nearly as well developed or fun as this, but it does allow for taking a picture of the lock before scrambling the combo, and then releases the picture after the set time has run. With that you never have to see the picture while starting up the lock, and you are truly locked in.
Is there any chance the photo process could be added to ChastiKey as an option on locking up?


Hello Ashley.
Travels are over. Have some time for another vacation. Tried to start once and had to discard. Just starting new one.

Thanks for the good lock.

Thanks for your response. It has been good to see your visits and to know that you’re making adjustments to help my vacation go well.
Alas, reality looms ahead and I see the impending return from my trip to face business travel — the bane of anyone who desires to be truly free to lock up and forget life.
Here’s to some lucky drawing, and missing any other reset or double cards   :)

Thanks, Ashley

I am completely new to this app, but I think I have things out enough to feel up to taking a short vacation. Instructions in the app weren’t completely clear but was able to get the vacation loaded this afternoon, and get it underway 

Here’s hoping it will be a ‘fun’ adventure. Thanks for setting it up and managing it!

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