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I have done short locks for a few hours, but I need more, I have to push my limits. I was looking something around 2 days or that I could do during a weekend, and beach time is perfect.
If you are lucky, you can finish it early but you have the risk of the 2x and you are drawing every 30 min.

Worth the time, Thank you Miss Ashley for this great lock.

I have just run this lock and I found it  nice.
It's perfect for beginners that want to try a short lock and you can learn how the cards work. The limitation is short but you have always the possibility to add red cards and you can extend the time there.
And is perfect when you have only a few hours left.
For me 5 stars lock

Miss Naughtia, after almost 3 hours more, 10h 52 min I unlock myself. Thanks for the great experience. :-* :-* :-*

And I added an extra hour. That is the limit. Another additional extra time would make go to work locked.  >:(

Hope th warden has not a mean idea to increase the lock time as I did myself.  ::)

Miss Naughtia,I have locked myself in your lock and I have choose the option with warden Naughtia. After short term I had seven more hours instead of one. Now I have been dragged to solitary  :( and I'm locked   :), and stupid of me (or not) I added an extra hour  ;D ;D ;D ;D pressing the + over the hours.

Nice night waits to me.

After 12h 40 min 40 sec the lock was open. ;D

great experience, and sometimes frustrating when the frozen card arrived. The fact to have hidden cards and give the control to the key holder is a great experience.

I have not open my cage and I will do it again.

One hour so far and now I have Card info Hidden. Not knowing when to get released and not depending on me, that's a submissive experience.

Just locked in.

Thanks Miss Asheley

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