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ChastiKey Chat / Re: Punishment card.
« on: July 14, 2019, 10:58:08 AM »
A punishment card for Chastikey.
Randomness and the unknown duration.
I have been locked by two real life key holders and had both good and bad experience , but for a wearer , it is all about the excitement of time being added as a punishment and for very little reason .

I realy love this idea !!!  ;D

General Chat / Re: Chastity Devices
« on: July 12, 2019, 12:04:43 AM »
Hi there, hubby suffered the same issues with a hinges ring cage, he bought some rubber tube which was slightly smaller in diameter than the ring and heated it slightly to push over the ring to cover the hinge. As for the pinching at the other end we secure the cage the apply tape Andre the join and around the lock which seems to have worked. He has been caged for nearly four weeks since (except for supervised cleaning) and there have been no further issues.


Thank you for the Tips Ma'am.

I've Just draw double up. Now the Number of cards are very High. My lock Will be l'ing  :(

Don't mater, chances are houly so i don't think you will be caged more than 10 days.  ;)

Hi, I'm here to play with someone that is liking frustration 😊 !

Just one person can be locked up i'm my lock because I want to be focused 😛 It's a fixed lock, nothing to do, just watch your time locked up and play with mood emoji 😘
(initialised to 1-2 days)

You can trust me, I'll play with your lock, you can be sure of that, but it's a game, if you really need to be release, we will stop it.
If you don't trust me, no problem... it will be just less fun 😿

(I'm from france so my english can be not very good or very basic)

Ah, une nouvelle KH Française, ça commence à devenir intéressant pour nous les Frenchies !  ;D

ChastiKey Chat / Re: Key holder bot
« on: July 01, 2019, 11:24:10 AM »
Since my last message, Zoe added 6 hours to my previous 4, and Chase added 4 and then 3 hours, almost doubling the original maximum.

Hopefully, those two got the whipping they deserve and this is not just a one off.

On a lock that lasts only a few hours, hard to say, for the sake of a mean Bot is felt on a medium or long lock ... See also very very long ...

ChastiKey Chat / Re: Generally benign bots
« on: June 30, 2019, 06:36:04 PM »
As a newbie here, I've been trying things out using the bots with the Fixed Lock, and setting time contraints of 1-5 hours. Occasionally, I have found that the total time goes over the max time set, but in general the bots appear to be wimps, particularly Zoe and Chase who should be the most severe.

I expected a lot of teasing and frustration, getting almost to the end time before more time is added or even, having reached the release time only to find that I'm not to be released. Instead, all the bots appear quite passive, only occasionally interposing once they have set some random time at the start, somewhere between the two limits (generally towards the lower end).

I think the bots need a good whipping, just to teach them not to be too nice and to be cruel far more often to their victims.

That's what I think too. Zoe is way too kind.

The last time I used Zoe, I programmed a lock that had an average duration of about 35 days and a maximum duration of about 90 days.
I had chosen Zoe because "she" was a "mean" bot, so I was expecting this "she" to last the game almost to the end and maybe a little more (25 to 30% seemed like a reasonable limit). I had accepted the idea (and I even hoped that it exceeds 90 days since it was a "mean" Bot ... otherwise I would have chosen Hailey).

Instead, Zoe released me after 18 days ... I hadn't found any green cards yet, I was very disappointed to be released so soon ...

Perhaps it would be good to make Zoe and Chase really "mean" with a warning message that the expected confinement time can be exceeded by for example 30% with these Bots.
For beginner users of Chastikey we could limit the choice of Bots for example Impose Hailey or Blaine until the Lockee has done at least one or two weeks of confinement with Chastikey.

I think we all know how to calculate 30% more potential confinement, and then every adult is able to make their own choices.

I have just started a lock very very hard with at least 35 days ... and more than 300 days maximum (unless my KH decides to keep me longer ...) so I would not be available.

And I prefer to have a KH Woman anyway.

Wow, that is pretty extreme... Especially leaving the lock unattended  ???

No, he looks a little extreme but he remains reasonable ...

Only 25 days on average ... Unless the KH decides to make a little surprise. ;)

ChastiKey Chat / Re: I need suggestions on where to keep spare Key
« on: June 20, 2019, 08:57:45 PM »

Interesting.  So both keys are locked up using the combination from the app?  I can also imagine locking one key in the lockbox with the combination from the app and the 2nd key locked in that plastic box. 

What if it's not a true emergency, for instance, if you have a doctor appointment to which you don't want to wear your chastity cage but you are still locked.  You might need to remove it temporarily and put it back on after the appointment.

Also, do you mind me asking where you got that plastic box?

Yes both keys are locked with the combination of the app But your solution can work as well. (or with a metal box like "Association cash box" for example).

If there is no real urgency, we can always ask KH to release us temporarily but there are very few cases where we really have to remove the cage (for example an MRI yes, it should not no metal at all, that would be dangerous).
For me, if my Mistress judges that there is no need to remove the cage, I obey her (unless I am convinced that there is a danger to my health) ... Sometimes it forces me to try to explain discreetly to an officer who watches a security gate that I'm wearing a metal cage and that's why the alarm is triggered ... With the shame of being searched in a room next door. ..

My box ... It comes from a time when I did a lot of cycling ... This one I had while participating in the "CHTI bike Tour" (A cycling festival near Lille in France), it was the box that contained the pins to fix the dosart the out of my participation in the race "Laurent Desbien" ...
In fact, it is a keychain that serves as a box condoms.

ChastiKey Chat / Re: I need suggestions on where to keep spare Key
« on: June 20, 2019, 06:21:38 PM »
I use a small plastic box.
Both keys are locked in this box and I can not recover them without breaking the box.
In case of emergency it is always possible to break the box but as long as there is no urgency I only depend on my KH.

At any time my KH can ask me to show her the box to check that it is not broken and locked.

I said i prefer Women KH  ;)

I'm looking for an evil KH, to lock me for a long time, I think it will be easy to double my record ... Or more ...

I wish the KH is a woman, who speaks French preferably but I can speak English (it's just harder for me).
Only 1 draw per day, not cumulative I would not have time to try my luck more often.

Naughty boys like me must be punished, right? :-X

Hummmmm a delight and a torture at the same time.

I'm sorry, I'm Locked by Miss Constance so i must wait for m'y release...

And i prefer to be Locked by women  ;)

For me, it's very exciting, no fear, no regret, it's just exciting.  ;D

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