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you're all welcome.

it seems to be a quite challenging lock  :P

Hit the double up, then got my first green card and a little hope, and then hit the reset, and then you added another double up. Good thing I love a challenge because you're definitely making me live up to my screen name.   ;D

Edit: I almost forgot to thank for the ache-inducing update  ;D

Red Cards for 2-3 days, but be careful for the double-up and other mean cards. will you find all 7 Greens before hitting one of them?

No, no I will not. 63 hours in and I have hit a freeze, two double-ups, a reset, then another double-up, and another freeze. You might be making me regret edging myself a few times before going in. This one is going to be a challenge as well as a rollercoaster.

And of course, thank you for the updates.

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