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ChastiKey Chat / Hidden Penalty Suggestion
« on: April 27, 2019, 08:19:41 PM »
One game I've played before with a keyholder is to have them pick a random number of days with min/max without telling me. To be released, I have to ask if the time is up. If the time is up I'm free, and if I'm wrong they add a day.

This can be really evil because if you ask if it's time every day, then it's never over. You could choose not to ask until the max but if it's a large range then you could be stuck significantly longer than necessary. It's extra fun with a real human because they could decide that any mention of time constitutes asking, thus adding a day.

I think this would be relatively easy to implement, maybe by replacing a hidden timer with a button to check if it's time. Of course the penalty could also be random in a range of min/max hours/days to make things really interesting.

Also, an optional maximum time or end date would be really useful sometimes!

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