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ChastiKey Chat / Re: Desktop ChastiKey?
« on: April 24, 2019, 11:49:22 AM »
An idea is, to create a web interface so you can have access through any web browser. I don't know, how hard it would be to do that.
Greetings ^^

ChastiKey Chat / Re: Which information receives the keyholder?
« on: December 18, 2018, 09:49:12 AM »
I like the idea to. For a couple it can be interesting for the keyholder to see more informations. This can be like how log dos it take for the next card chance and wich cards are picked.

ChastiKey Chat / Re: Given lock time from keyholder view
« on: July 25, 2018, 10:50:57 PM »
Ok, thanks for you answers and your work! :)

I just thought, if the key holder sets a maximum of 7 days, it's hard for him to extend the duration, for example 14 days ...

ChastiKey Chat / Given lock time from keyholder view
« on: July 25, 2018, 07:50:41 PM »
Im not sure, I'm not a key holder. But I tried it a view times.

If a key holder sets 7 days as maximum, after the seven days the app give you the green card, even when you have 100 cards and 5 greens to find.

If I'm right, I think there should be a option for trusted key holder to turn off the max duration and just give a number of red cards.

If  I'm wrong, how dos it work?

Greetings, and as always, thanks for the app!  :D

ChastiKey Chat / Re: New hidden lock option
« on: May 14, 2018, 05:22:20 PM »
You could create a extended editmode for the Keyholder. Expacaly with the new cards, there are maby not enouth space for all cards to change. There you can also make a feild "notification" with the option "time changed", "time addet/reduced", "exact time" or "none"...

Just an idea... ^^

ChastiKey Chat / Re: New Cards Poll
« on: April 07, 2018, 07:21:51 PM »

I like this new card options. Some are really mean... ^^

I just remind you to a Idea I once postet. A card, like a Red card but it goes back to the deck.
For may example I call it now brown card. So if you have a deck with 5 cards. 4 of them are brown and the last one is the green card. If you pick, the Deck won't decrease until you find the green card. (If you pick a brown, it goes back to the deck.)


ChastiKey Chat / Re: What lockbox do you use?
« on: January 19, 2018, 05:51:34 PM »
My device only needs 4 numbers and I find that too easy to remember.

My device has only 3 nubers. I handle like this. I choose 6 nubers. I brake the 6 nubers down to 3x2 nubers( for example: 12  34  56). Then i lok at 2 nobers at the same time, but i only use the secend one. (in this example i look at 12 sey 12 und put 2 on the first place on the lockdevice. then i look at 34 and put 4 on the lockdevice. The same with 56. This givs a Key of 246.) Becous i never look at this thee numbers at the same time i cant remamber.

I hope you understand.If not just ask.
May someone can translate it to proper English... ^^

ChastiKey Chat / Re: New card ideas and a Keyholder idea
« on: January 12, 2018, 03:09:52 PM »
Does this black card act the same as the red card where you have to wait until you can pick again if drawn, but unlike the red card the black card goes back into the deck?

Yes, exactly!

t's a possible addition but I have just finished adding a new card that resets the deck when drawn. This card is evil as it could double the locks duration if you're really unlucky. You can have up to 5 in a deck (multiplying the lock duration by 5). There are limitations put in place for this card. If you say that you don't trust the keyholder they will not be able to add or remove reset cards. If you do trust them they can add or remove up to 5 at anytime. Saying whether or not you trust them is a question that is coming in the next version. The keyholder can set up any variable lock with up to 5 reset cards. When you load their lock you are shown how many are in the deck, so you can decide whether or not you want to load it.

It's not the same as the black card you've suggested but I will see how the reset card goes before looking at the card you've suggested.

Ok, intrestig. This sound evil! :P

I've been toying with this already. I've put together some red cards, one that has a punishment icon at the top right and one that has a task item (the icons will probably change). I was considering releasing the next version with these cards and let the user decide whether or not they want to do a task or punishment. Eventually I want the user to be able to create their own list that the app will pick from randomly when a specific card is drawn and I want the keyholder to be able to create their own list of tasks and punishments that get applied to all of their locks. You would then see the keyholders tasks instead of your own for that particular lock.

Oh, realy like this! :)

Thanks for the suggestion but it isn't something I'm keen on adding at the moment.


This is something I've considered in the past too but I've ran out of screen space to add an extra card on the keyholder manage users screen for them to add or remove the green card. Sometime in a near future version I imagine that there will be the option to have more than 1 green card in the deck which is where the keyholder will need to be able to control this. The only way a user can add green cards is if they've earn't them (maybe from the invite a friend/reward system someone else suggested on this forum recently). The manage users screen needs a facelift before I can add any more to it after this next version.

Yes, I understand.

Thanke you for you answer! I'm looking forwart to the updates in the future! :)

You do a grate work!

ChastiKey Chat / New card ideas and a Keyholder idea
« on: January 12, 2018, 09:31:30 AM »

First, thank you for your App, I realy like it!

Second, sorry for my English, its not my first language... ;)

So I had some Ideas about the cards:
Whats about a black card? A card, if You take it, it just goas back to the other cards, so that it will never go out of the Game. Ofcorse, it shoudn't alowd to add a lott of this cards. I think, max 3 Black kards in a Game.

Another Idea is to add an action card ore some numbers to the red cards. So everytime you pick a action card/spezific Numper of the red card, you have to do anything, what the keyholder says. Of corse, this Information has to go to the keyholder.

Another idea is, that the keyholder can sey, that the code don't go directly to the locked one. I thik, you coud do this like this:
If the locked one picks the green card, then a request goas out to the keyholder. The key holder can then daily coos, to send the code to the locked one or hold it for an other day. Ofcorse the Keyholder can send it anytime to the locked one. If the keyholder dont act, it goas automaticli to the locked one after a day.

An other option, wich could be interesting is, that the keyholder can take the green card out of the system in the beginning with out notification of the locked one. So that the keyholder can sey: "I know, in the beginnig is the chanche smal to choose the green card, but I will be shure, that he cant pick it until I alow it."

I hope you understand. ^^ Its just an idea.
If you have some quastion or if you don't undersand any thing just ask.

LG ML3000

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