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ChastiKey Chat / Requested Feature
« on: May 26, 2020, 12:30:20 AM »
Long time chastity wearer (10+ Yearss) and for me it is the unknown that I enjoy.  It adds to the frustration and excietment.  I have played both solo and with keyholders and enjoy them both. 

One feature I would enjoy seeing is the option in either solo play or with a keyholder is that when “show time remaining” is click-if there might be an option that shows an inaccurate time.  Maybe something less than the real time...  That way when the time hits “zero” it doesn’t unlock or it resets to a new time — something less than the real time etc..  Until the real time finally reaches 0.   

Nice way to raise the expectation levels and then the frustrations level when it resets over and over until it finally opens.  “Knowing the time” and the time being accurate might be two different things. 

Obviously in solo mode you would know it was “modified” but if a keyholder makes up the code, the sub may never know until the first time it gets to zero.

Love the App!

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