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ChastiKey New Keyholder Guidelines
  • Once logged in please go to your profile settings and select an avatar or upload one of your own. Remember you can be anonymous on ChastiKey you don’t have to use real pictures or real names. Only Kevin Cross the creator of the ChastiKey app and the Admin of the forum chooses not to be anonymous. You can also put a ChastiKey ticker in your signature. This shows your keyholder rating and the number of users you have locked.
  • Make an introduction in the newcomers corner - State what your experiences, goals and what some of your wishes are. Lockees aren't likely to hand over their keys to somebody they don’t know much about.
  • Creating locks - Start off with short term locks one - six hours to a day. Don't disable Emergency Keys unless you're well known. It can be seen as a red flag for many lockees. Keep in mind lockees are taking a gamble when locking up in your locks for the first time and put a lot of trust in you. Build longer term locks once trust is gained with a lockee.
  • Remember if a lockee is ticking the "trust" option when loading a lock it puts the lockee at your mercy.
  • When a lockee comes to you complaining about issues with a cage, pain, chafing or whatever and asks to be unlocked: Unlock him. He is probably more disappointed about it then you are. I have unlocked lots of lockees for cage issues, pain and chafing.
  • Remember to take it slow. I always tell new lockees that are just starting with chastity to take it slow. The fantasy of being forcefully put into chastity for an awful long time and possibly blackmailed may sound fun, but fantasy and reality are not the same.
  • Build some trust and a reputation in the community. You can join our Kik or Discord group. Remember there are more lockees than keyholders.
  • Some lockees like you to push them, tease, make fun of them and test their limits. Please don’t go overboard.
  • Some lockees will challenge or disrespect a keyholder feel free to put them in line just don’t go overboard.
  • Always remember both the keyholder and lockee need to have fun.

Thank you @JimLocked for giving some extra information to add.

August 02, 2018, 11:57:53 PM
Re: What are the odds? One brave soul   :)

Tough luck  ;)

June 15, 2019, 09:07:41 PM