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Lockup Dice Race Game I’m back with another fun idea for whoever wants to try. It’s essentially a race. Your goal is to get unlocked as quickly as possible while my goal is to try and keep you locked as long as possible with the following rules and setup:

The game starts with:
- 6 reds
- 6 yellows
- 3 greens
- 1 purple
- 1 blue

Quarter-hourly lock (not cumulative)

Now here’s where things will get interesting. (Roughly) Every hour I will toss a standard D6 dice to add one card. Here’s what I will add:

1 = add green card
2 = add red card
3 = add yellow card
4 = add purple card
5 = add blue card
6 = add one of each card

I honestly have no idea how this will play out. I suspect that either you will get lucky early on and be out within an afternoon, but it may just go downhill quickly into something ridiculous.

So to prevent it from spiraling out of control, I will set the initial limit to 3 days. If you’re not out by then, we’ll say I’ve won and I’ll unlock you regardless of what cards are left. (Unless you really want to keep playing)...

Also, because I still have to work and have a life outside of Chastikey, if I miss an hour or two, I reserve the right to catch up with an additional dice roll, as needed.

Communication by PM or Kik.

Same rules apply as my other locks

- multiple locks ok as long as your other key holders have given you permission

- no system-generated usernames

- doesn’t have to be chastity. Can be locking up anything (like ice cream, cr dit card, tv remote, etc)

*edit: changed max lock time from “Friday” to “3 days”

May 09, 2018, 06:36:44 PM
Spanking Challenge This week I feel like I need a bit of amusement.... so here’s the challenge.

Below you will find a lock for 100 days fixed (no cards). Now, you can stay locked up for the full duration if you want, OR punish yourself for my amusement to get free sooner.

1) For every day you spank / whip yourself (HARD) using an implement like: wooden spoon, paddle, riding crop, cane on your bare a**, I will take 1 day off your total lockup for each stroke administered, up to a maximum of 10 days (10 strokes) per 24hr period.

2) For every day you wear sexy panties, I will reduce your lockup by 5 days.

3) Photo proof of both of the above will be required. Proof of your lockup may be required periodically at my whim.

4) My interaction with you during this time is not guaranteed. I have a busy schedule the next while. This is mainly for MY amusement.

5) There may be additional time added or taken away at my whim,  based on your performance. Eg. If your a$$ doesn’t look red enough, I may add more time.

If you comply with both requests on a daily basis, you should be unlocked in just under a week (about 6 days by my calculation). If not, it may be (a lot) longer.

Further rules: no auto-generated usernames, no multiple locks allowed for this one. Failure to communicate with me within 12 hrs of me messaging you will result in game forefit and you will wait out the entire 100 days. Key buyouts ARE allowed, as are unlocks for emergencies or medical issues. Always play safe!

May 18, 2018, 04:18:57 AM
Mess With Your Head Feeling a bit playful today (in the same sense as a cat batting around a mouse she has already caught sort of way)...

Here is an hourly cumulative with max sliders on everything. You can load it and play it as-is (which I definitely do NOT recommend), or you can send me a PM or Kik message (preferred)... with the following information:

1) How long do you actually want to be locked for?

2) Do you want me to be nice, strict, or mean?

3) Do you want tasks to perform? Or are we strictly just key holding?  If yes, what are your limits? More info is helpful here too... Eg. Should I ask you to punish yourself? Humiliation task? Frustration task? Etc...

Other Rules:

1. No default (CK) usernames.
2. Multiple locks MUST be okayed by your other keyholder beforehand. (Be careful though. Sometimes even requesting this can incur the wrath of your Master/Mistress)
3. I may ask you to verify your lockup or a pic of your safe or where you are keeping your keys. But this is at MY whim — not yours. Do not send me pix unless I ask for them.
4. Pix of me (if any), once again, are at MY whim — not yours. I may or may not be inclined.
5. For anything more than just simple keyholding, please have Kik. Forum PMs are just too limiting.
6. Your safeword is using a purchased key. I stongly t commend you DON’T disable this on your end.
7. Ask any additional questions you may have BEFORE loading the lock. After you lock, you’re mine. 

P.S. “Nice” means you’ll probably get out before your requested max time. Or at least I’ll try. “Strict” means I will make every attempt to make your lockup as close to your intended max time as possible. “Mean” means I don’t give a f*** what you think. You are MINE and I’ll do as I please.

August 22, 2018, 12:31:41 AM
Re: Blank Space Always welcome @Adventurous1 . Next time more edging
March 31, 2019, 02:29:11 AM