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Re: What lockbox do you use?
I wonder if you could create a variation that takes two locks (one at each end, or both at one end?).  That way someone who wants to use a two-holder lockup could use one lock for holder 1 and one lock for holder 2.

I don't have any 3D design skills, otherwise I'd give it a go!

Done. Both files added to my lockbox on thingiverse. See URL above.


November 05, 2018, 11:26:12 AM
Re: ChastiKey API Thank you @sweh I've fixed that error now in both versions.
February 12, 2019, 08:21:20 PM
Naughtia's Bondage Prison Escape Naughtia's Bondage Prison Escape

You have been put in bondage in a prison with robotic guards enforcing your predicament. Each bot team has a shift change one hour after your incarceration begins. You will have one hour to sneak past your guards, if your bot guards don't see you, you will be free in one hour, but if you get caught you will be in solitary for the next 7 hours. The bot guards Hailey and Blaine run the minimum security wing, and will give you the best chance of escape with a 33% chance of being seen. Chase and Zoe run the maximum security wing, and their sharp eyes will give you a 66% chance of being seen. For the highest security, Chase and Zoe can team up, by loading both their locks and taking part of the combination code from each lock, and you'll almost always be in their gaze, over a 90% chance of being caught, in case you're feeling overly "stealthy". There is also an option to take a lock from the Warden, Naughtia. She will almost certainly see you try to escape and drag you to solitary, but sometimes things slip past, even the Warden has to sleep :) Feeling lucky? There are security cameras on premises (fake locks, each lock has it's maximum number of fake locks signifying the number of cameras on the bots' rounds). You will find attached to this message and subsequent messages a floor plan of the prison and a few notes on how to possibly escape left by a former occupant, it may may not!

This is not a lock that will get interaction. Emergency keys are enabled for all locks. If there are any questions you may contact me here on the forum or through Discord DM. There are only 2 outcomes for this lock series, either you will be locked for one hour, or a total of 8 hours, nothing in between. Have fun!

*Special thanks to @KevinCross for helping me to hire my guards for this project  :)

March 01, 2019, 04:07:22 AM