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Re: How did you discover chastity? I had a friend that was into  BDSM, and one day he mentions to me how his leather chastity device was bothering him under his tight jeans. As a fairly vanilla 19 year old I thought he was crazy for being in chastity, and all the other "dirty" things he did.

Jump to when I was 28 and living with my GF for about 2 years. I am a pretty frequent masturbator, and my GF was going away on a bachelorette party for the weekend. I wanted to be good for her while she was gone, and be ready for a fun welcome home night.

So I googled chastity devices and found that they weren't leather, but simple plastic devices. I now began searching bondage shops in the city, when I finally came across the cb6ks. While my wife packed for her trip, I put on the cage and slipped the keys into her suitcase.

I had a very frustrating weekend watching tons of porn, but  could not get relief. When she came back home, I  kept dropping hints of being good, and chaste. When she finally asked what I was talking about,  she freaked out, and our night was ruined. As the thought of not being released hit me, I felt a wave of pleasure, I was hooked, even if she wasn't.

Luckily the next night her curiosity became piqued and wanted to feel the cage. As she did she became more interested. Though she released me immediately, she got over the weirdness.

About a week later I asked if I could try it again, and she said yes. Now she was playing along teasing me occasionally. She even asked if I could stay locked a day longer and she saw me shiver in excitement.

We have never gone longer than two weeks because she enjoys seeing me orgasm, but we have been in charity on and off for the past 10+ years.

Having recently found this app we are venturing into longer sessions as the app will tell us when to release. She enjoys picking the cards everyday.

April 23, 2019, 08:46:41 PM