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Re: What lockbox do you use? The Monoprice Mini is a pretty slow printer; just 50mm/sec.  It's designed as an entry level machine (120x120x120mm print area).  And it is below US$200.  But for that price point, I'm happy!  I also made it print both the case and the lid at the same time, which may have slowed down printing by making it do more head movement.

I used 1.75mm PLA for the print, and it seems strong enough.

Hmm, the thicker groove+slot design would also help prevent leverage.  But if someone desperately wants to get in then they can always break it the hard way :-)

I'm not sure I can visualize the new design that you're talking about.  What I like about your current design is that almost any padlock can be used; the holes are big enough to take almost any sized hasp.  Trying to make things "form-fitting" may limit the padlock options.  But I'm probably misunderstanding your design!

November 12, 2018, 08:42:33 PM
Re: ChastiKey API v0.2 Suggestion: For the check call, if the result is unlocked then also return the combination lock.

The use case I'm thinking of is a semi-smart lock that has a simple command interface ("lock 12345", "unlock 12345").  The user could create a session as normal, enter the combo into the smart lock and then have external code (eg running on the PC) which periodically checks the lock status.  If the session is unlocked the code can then send the combo to the smart-lock ("unlock 12345") and have it unlock.   Obviously all user interaction (card draws, etc) would be via the mobile app.

Splitting the logic between the semi-smart lock and external code has a number of advantages from a build perspective; no networking needed for the lock, itself.  But it means the combination must be known to unlock; you can't just send a "session complete" message.

Such a system might also be usable for self-unlocking self-bondage locks, or door locks ("locked in a room until Zoe lets you free") where the lock and controls are unreachable; you just have your mobile app to play the game and hope you'll be released :-)

January 25, 2019, 02:27:37 AM
Re: ChastiKey API v0.2 The Alexa response was a real call to the API to fetch the data :-)

So far it just calls listslocks.php and then parses the JSON.  It's written in GoLang and just converts the Lock array into a string


func parse_api(json_str string) string {
        var chastikey Chastikey
        err := json.Unmarshal([]byte(json_str), &chastikey)
        if err != nil {
                return "Could not understand API results: "+err.Error()

        // We want to look at the chastity session
        s := chastikey.Locks

        cnt := len(s)
        res := "You have " + strconv.Itoa(cnt) + " lock"
        if cnt != 1 {
                res += "s"
        res += ".  "
        for x,y := range s {
                dur := time.Now().Unix()-y.StartTime
                res += "Lock " + strconv.Itoa(x+1) + " is held by " + y.LockedBy + ", and has been running for " + time_to_days(int(dur)) + ".  "

        return res

It's not good code, but it works!

Unfortunately I don't think this sort of skill can be published on the Amazon store so it has to be run development mode, which requires users to have some knowledge on how to set up a TLS web server, but I'll publish the code and instructions on configuration.

Whatever you decide to expose, I can add a routine for ;-)

January 28, 2019, 11:49:40 AM
I think my Lady may have got the idea... (Note: "my Lady" is not the person on these forums known as "Lady"; it's what I've called my Mistress for the past 18 years)

She set up a daily non-commulative 1Day with 3G 3R 2Y lock.  That's relatively simple.  Frequently the lock would open and I chose "holder decides".  I've added reds, previously to keep the lock running longer, but they never last 2 weeks.

This past week, I've asked her to be nasty.

Today, 12 days into a session, she was.  +4R, +3Y, +3 Double, +2 Resets, +2 Freeze.

It's her birthday this week... I wonder if she's trying to fake me out, or if she's really gonna go through with this!  The longest I've worn this cage is 30 days...

Today I drew a red, which I consider a win... every red picked today is 8 reds not picked tomorrow :-)

February 17, 2019, 02:17:10 AM
Re: Naughtia's Bondage Prison Escape Interesting for some predicament scenarios.  eg I could lock my corset on at 9pm and run one of these locks... will I be free of the corset, or be forced to sleep in it!

The locked person can also add time if they want to do a 2/9 or 3/10 variant.

Since I'm working from home today, I decided to test it; one locking my corset on, one locking my collar on.  Both with fake locks.  Zoe only caught one of them... but it looks like this was the real lock, and not the fake.

Chase caught all 3 locks.

This looks fun!

March 01, 2019, 06:03:39 PM