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Enhancing chastity with hypnosis I have been exploring chastity for years, and never found a belt that was realistic to wear for daily use and remain unescapable without a piercing. So I wound up exploring hypnosis to implement chastity. It works, and can be suprisingly effective.

Drawing on that experience, I thought that hypnosis could be used to enhance the chastity experience for many device wearers. Either in real life keyholding relationships, or virtual keyholding arrangements. So, I commissioned a hypnodomme to create a custom file for chastity wearers. She was Mistress Elena (or ESuccubus), who crafted a great file from my basic outline. She stopped hosting the file because she was annoyed by subs looking for a keyholder, but she published the file to the internet without restriction.

The file has a general suggestion to enhance the security of wearing a chastity device. Basically, the suggestion prevents you from cheating (pulling out, or using a vibrator), while allowing you to remove the device when you need to (legit chafing or swelling issues, or to avoid public exposure during security screening). Sorry, desperate horniness is not a legitmate reason for belt removal!

There are several other suggestions that are implemented as verbal trigger commands. Your keyholder can use them in person, or on the phone, or as a text message.

  • "Put your belt on" - this makes the chastity wearer feel compelled to put their belt back on and lock it in place for the keyholder.
  • "Quiet down" - this trigger makes the male sub go limp, to make relocking easier.
  • "Freeze (bodypart)" - this trigger enables a Keyholder to impose mental bondage, freezing a bodypart when they point or make a suggestion.
  • "No cumming" - this trigger enables the sub to be released from the belt for inspection/cleaning/other reasons, but they will be prevented from masturbating without the permission of the Keyholder.
  • "Ruined orgasm only" - this trigger allows a sub to masturbate to the edge of release, but when they get there they will have to ruin their orgasm at the point of no return.

So does the file actually work? You might be suprised how effective it can be. Something like the security suggestion is rather basic and easy to implement - your subconscious knows when you are going to cheat to gain release, and it is relatively simple to distract or prevent you from gaining a release by cheating.

Compelling relocking of a belt, or preventing an orgasm even if the belt is fully off is more of a challenge, but certainly not out of reach. It is simply a matter of training and experience.

If you are skeptical, that is very understandable. Even if the suggestions are working, you feel like you are sort of pretending and playing along with it. Sure, you could pull out and masturbate yet again, but you just choose not to test it right now. Then you realize that weeks have passed, and you still haven't put the security to the acid test. And you are no longer interested in testing it anyway at that point. So are you pretending, or are you really trapped? The longer your security lasts, the more you end up realizing that you are indeed trapped and controlled.

Here is a link to the Keyholder's Binding file. It has a 17 minute induction to bring you deep, then about 40 minutes of installing the triggers, and it winds up with a command to awaken. A bit less than an hour of listening. It is free, contains no findom elements or unwanted coercion, and is adaptable to a wide variety of keyholding arrangements.

Relax, listen, and don't overthink it too much. If your mind drifts or you fall asleep (but mysteriously wake up at the very end), that is all fine - your subconcious is clueing into to the hypnotic suggestions while your conscious mind is off duty.

There is nothing shady about the file. Fast forward 20 minutes, and you can listen to the contents without going into trance. You can verify that the file is what it purports to be, and listen to to the whole file in full confidence later.

I have included a "How to listen to a hypnosis file" in the folder as well. It is 10 minutes of instruction and demonstration. If you are impressed by the effects of that file, proceed to Keyholder's Binding. If you aren't impressed, perhaps hypnosis is not for you at the moment.

Hypnosis can be powerful, but it is generally safe. Your subconscious always has a safeword that can override hypnotic suggestions that do not sit right with you. However, be warned that in some cases your subconscious may very well be more kinky and fetish driven than you are in daily life. After all, it has been the primary motivator pushing you back to chastity again and again throughout your life. It may protect you in an unsafe situation, but if you are simply desperate and horny and going mad with sexual frustration...your subconscious might be very glad to keep you in that state for longer than you might expect.


August 31, 2018, 03:50:58 PM