Yet another way of forgetting a combination!

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Yet another way of forgetting a combination!
« on: November 21, 2020, 03:26:12 PM »

Until now, I’ve been using an 8-digit combination to set a 4-digit key safe – setting the first 4-digits of the combination directly on the dials, and then adding the second 4-digits to modify the first. The problem is that a sticking dial may sometimes mean I miscount the modifier and incorrectly enter the combination, with unpleasant results. I have now started using a method which looks complex at first, but is all about a methodical approach. Others may find it useful.
I request a 12-digit combination for my 4-digit safe, and then scan through it, looking for the numbers 1-4, representing the four dials on my safe. I set the number immediately following that number on the dial. So, for example, if the digit 3 is followed by 7 in the combination, I would set dial 3 to 7.

The following examples show how I set the safe, always ensuring that my thumbs obscure the dials other than the dial I am setting, so I can only ever see the dial I am setting:

Combination 839802780964   
The first of the digits 1-4 is 3, immediately followed by 9, so I set dial 3 to 9.
The next of the digits 1-4 is 2 followed by 7, so I set dial 2 to 7.
The third of the 1-4 digits is 4 at the end, so I continue the series back to the beginning and set dial 4 to 8.
Digit 1 does not appear in the 12-digit number, so I search for overflow digits 5, 6, 7, etc. In this case, there’s no 5 in the combination but I find 6 followed by 4, so I set dial 1 to 4.

Combination 041370042942
Dial 4 is set to 1; (subsequent 4s are ignored)
Dial 1 is set to 3;
Dial 3 is set to 7;
Dial 2 is set to 9 (ignoring subsequent 2)

Combination 966037268789
Dial 3 is set to 7;
Dial 2 is set to 6;
Digit 1 doesn’t appear so I look for 5 (none present) and then 6 and set dial 1 to 6;
Digit 4 doesn’t appear so I look for a second appearance of 6 and set dial 4 to 0.

This seems intricate at first, but I’ve quickly gotten used to it and it seems easier and less prone to errors than my previous system.


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Re: Yet another way of forgetting a combination!
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2020, 12:03:26 PM »
This sounds good, I think I‘ll test this.